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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by B_AND_T, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Following on from another thread, how many ex All Arms Clerks on here.

    To start off, Ex REME Clk.

  2. Ex RCT :D
  3. Ex Royal Engineer Clerk, now those were the days. Play hard & work hard. Wednesday afternoon sports and a chill out from 16:00hrs on a Friday with a beer and discuss the weeks workload. Now its just work, work, work due to undermanning and other various crisis's that the clerks are supposed to deal with. Glad I got out when I did.
  4. Ex REME

    Arte et Marte (those were the days..............)
  5. In a previous life I was an RAMC Clerk. Now my boy is joining the RAMC I've found a home for my old Stable Belt.
  6. Ex Royal Engineer Clerk :D And about to be an Ex- AGC :D And I can't wait to leave that shower of shyte. AGC - what a mistake that turned out to be :evil:
  7. Leading on from the All Arms Clerk thing.......

    Where were you all when you officially went across :?:

    I was one of half a dozen REME Clks serving in Hong Kong (probably blown my cover now!) and we were all taken out for a 'farewell' meal by Comd ES. We were all well and truly gutted.....a very, very sad day
  8. Ex Scots Guards Clerk. Bn arms plotted from Germany to new Barracks in Windsor in May 93 then transfered in the Jul. The CO wasn't happy that none of us wanted to stay SG. Missed the guys in the Bn for a few years but got used to it, never felt the same thereafter though, never felt to fully belong. Anyone else feel the same? Had some cracking postings though and wouldn't have done it much differently. 2 years to go then transfer to Civ Div.
  9. Ex Clk RAMC soon to be Ex AGC.

    Oddly enough I was RAMC again last year for a couple of months after being "Glasgowed".

    I have now been a Cpl, Sgt and SSgt in two Corps!
  10. Ex-RHF before going over to wear the ...ahem... coveted green beret. Ditched the SPS 6 yrs later and now doing reasonably well in the R SIGNALS.
  11. It's quite sad to think that quite soon all the serving ex-All Arms Clerks will be a thing of the past :( and even sadder when you speak to 'original' AGC(SPS) boys and girls about how things used to be, and the conversation is lost on them
  12. Ex Inf Clk
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I was in Middle Wallop.
  14. Ex-REME and rebadged in Detmold
  15. I'll be the first Ex-RA then :)

    Also Ex-Army for the last two and a half years.