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I'm on the AACC on 01 May 06. Being in the Falklands currently I have not been sent the joining instructions and so do not know the course programme. Does anyone know if there is a weekend free on the course or is it 7 weeks straight through? (yes, it is now 7 weeks, the frist 'beat-up' week has been binned)
check your inbox.

having had a read of DIN 2005DIN06-082 it would appear that there is little or no spare time
In case you don't visit very often there's now a separate site for RM and RN. You might try the rum ration site as well.
They usually send quite a comprehensive set of joining instructions in good time detailing build up training, rope techniques, recommended reading with regard to fieldcraft etc. You should get this in good time as the courses are generally loaded early on.

Dig out blind, it pays to be a winner. Threaders.

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