All arms bergen modification advice

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. I have one sat on a corner and thought it might be good with MOLLE type fittings over the back and sides, or with some pouches perminently attatched.

    Anyone recommend someone who could do the work? I heard HM Supplies are not that great.

    Thanks in advance
  2. There are a few people who could do it if you really wanted it. Jay Jays of Brecon and Troopers of Colchester would be your best bet. Though Dixies corner in Brecon would probably do a good job of it too. I wouldnt go to dragon supplies though in Colchester as having used one of their patrol yokes I wasnt too impressed when a QR buckle broke and stitching on on a strap came loose after less than a day in the field .
  3. I believe Fatmini on here does that kind of thing.
  4. Jay Jays and Troopers so I hear.
  5. HM Supplies are okay. Certainly cheap and with a fast turnaround.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Dixies corner have been a mixed bag with me. I got my bergan straps tailored with a couple of other things and they've been good for me. Other guys have clips put on webbing, but they kept popping off or breaking - one guy got that belt thing put on and the stitching wore through fairly quickly (3 days in the hills).
  7. Jayjays is your best bet, quality work! Believe it or not, Dragon's in Colchester are better than Troopers!
  8. Balls! I used troopers kit on seniors and still have it to this day its much better than dragon - proof? Every bloke on PSBC who had dragon stuff had toi bin it after week 2.
  9. Stevieni, at first I would agree, but of late the roles have reversed (Troopers concentrates more on the Airsoft market now). Gary and Paul are starting to pull it out the bag mate! A few years ago, I would always use Troopers, now it's Dragon's (pref Jayjays).
  10. Unless thier stuff has got shabby in the last few months some of my blokes go PF vets made they were of good quality bearing in mind i did seniors 3 yrs ago.
  11. I have a Troopers belt kit and patrol yoke and it is made of far better quality materials than anything Dragon make and I can say that having used one of the flimsy patrol patrol yokes that they make and having seen some of the kit that other lads have bought (even quite recently) from Dragon.

    I doubt the Troopers guys are focussing on Airsoft kit seeing as Colly is home to 16 AA, every time I see Para reg guys on the telly most of them have kit that has mods that you can tell have been done by Troopers.
  12. Honestly I would just get rid of the bergen all together and get yourself a shortback inf bergen. Then get troopers to add you a tripple utility pouch on the front with poncho pouch above it. Squared.

    Also troopers are still the best in the business, I have used dixies corner, Dragons, Troopers and JayJays. Troopers is easily the best, then JayJays, then Dragons and lastly Dixies. Wouldnt recommend HM Supplies as everyone knows they use a brighter colour DPM than normal.
  13. does work nicely.

    if you're into recycling, get them to put the little pouch off the front of the bergen onto the top of it, for a little bit of extra space, or have it moved onto the front of your NI daysack.

    I'd heard very good things about Dixies. Not impressed with dragon kit, cheap fasteners and everything needs taping in place to stop it moving.

    Brighter DPM... I'm not convinced at how much of an issue this is. Once anything's been on exercise in the rain it goes a familiar shade of brown anyway.

    That said, if they're using a non-MOD source of material, I'd be wary of it's IRR properties compared to MOD-contract material suppliers.
  14. If you're feeling a bit flush after your nag came in at Royal Ascot there's this offering from our Canadian Cousins...

    The Bergen with quite a few added frills including the MOLLE you want. Available in Shinny new multicam so it is SOOO this season too.
  15. It is a little known fact that all All Arm Bergens should be pre-treated before any modifications are made. A simple process.

    1. Find Biffa bin.
    2. Place abortion called All Arms Bergen inside said bin.
    3. Walk away.

    Hope this helps and spread the word.