All Arms Basic Close Combat Skills Course

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by 120mmtopgun, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Yes i know ,i am going to beasted up and down SENTA . :cry:
    But what i am looking for is has anyone from "all other arms" done the course before. I am ex-infantry anyway and seen the light and transfered to RAC on chally2 and having a mid life crisis to prove to myself i can do all the running around with rude amounts of kit :oops: before i am put out to pasture as the SQMS.
  2. area you mad,,,retire and sell chocky bars and beer as a sqms,,, its more rewarding,, and you could end up with a new car if your sales are ok....
  3. Heard it's a nice wee beasting for two weeks.
  4. one of my mates is ex-inf and did it a few weeks ago. got beasted stupid for 2 weeks.

    good luck :)
  5. It is always the case when "your mate did it". Its not a beast, it is just basic tactics starting from individual skills, orders etc and working up and some vehicle drills thrown in. If you want any info i.e. course program etc let me know and I'll mail it to you
  6. The other name for it is the Basic Tactics Course (BTAC) so the name says it all.
  7. You may be introduced to Pen-Y-Fan :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  8. G4Commando I would be grateful if you could mail it to me as I have been foolish enough to have a go too!
  9. Thanks for all your encouragement some more than others !
    So been 39 in jan ,do you rate my chances of been issued another pair of lungs or new knee joints ?
  10. Did the `fan` in 2002 on a nice day in December , was like summer...............well all i had on was a t-shirt ,might had something to do with trying to walk up a fu*k off mountain carrying rude amounts of kit. But was nice to run down the other side towards the resevoir ,someonr mentioned a nice view from the top !! Not that i cared i was too busy looking for an oxygen tank !
  11. Did it myself back in the summer, twas a lick out. Take a good daysack, pray for bad weather as it gets emotional running round in CBA when its warm. The packing list is pretty good though, and everything I needed and didnt have was available from RVOPs shop next to the accomodation (for the brief period you are in the accomodation.

    Oh yeah, take a laminator if you can. Tac cards galore.
  12. Pen-Y-Fan? Pah! I can hop up Pen-Y-Fan!
  13. mm hmm mr patronising..... of course there's no difference between learning basic tactics in a walkthrough on a football pitch, or learning them belting up and down the side of a hill, carrying ridiculous stocks of ammo in a daysack :)

    i'm quite happy his assessment was accurate, thanks.
  14. Would this course be of benefit to most personnel? Or really only limited to certain Arms or appointments?
  15. Dingerr. Have you sh1t the bed or can you just not sleep?