All Arms Basic Close Combat Instructors Course

Has anyone done this course yet?

Have got my joining instructions and I am off to Brecon next month. Just wondering what prep or aditional kit i require. Also a brief debrief of what is instore for me.

Did the last course. The requirement to be a AASAA instructor has now been removed.

The course itself....I found it a bit of a Lick out. Lots of Section/Platoon attacks up hills etc. Very good for ensuring that you are teaching the correct low level tactics, and also a good reminder of quite how hard it is lugging 800 link around Brecon.

You do about 2 days classroom work and then hit the training area. I found it hardish as I had just got back from a stint overseas and wasnt "battle" fit.

Make sure your webbing is squared, you can take a rig/vest for the vehicle borne stuff only. Ensure your daysack is good. As you will be using it a lot, take a decent roll mat as you are on concrete floors. Jet boils and spicy sauce prevents boredom as you only get one flavour rat if you have any other questions bang em up.

All in all good course, Sgt Maj is mad but as knowledgable as they come.
ironrations said:
The course itself..... Lots of Section/Platoon attacks up hills etc. Very good for ensuring that you are teaching the correct low level tactics, and also a good reminder of quite how hard it is lugging 800 link around Brecon.
Those two have now put me right off the idea!
Sounds good to me though!

Am I right in thinking that its the closest to junior Brecon that an RAC type is likely to get on? (cue lots of 'nothing like as hard etc' comments).

Is it people from all Corps (apart from inf)?

Is there anywhere that I can find out more info, apart from the PSI of course? If anyone has a course outline they could pm me that would be great.

Is it a worthwhile course to go on, for yourself and your sub unit?

how much prep do you need to do before hand (i.e. is it worth attaching to inf or TAPO training for a few weekends to remind oneself of the basics of PAWPERSO etc)

Cheers in advance for any answers
keep mentioning the fact that Recce tactics course should qualify me at a push to teach tactics, but the OC (inf) keeps swearing at me mumbling words that sound awfly like senior breacon, but with the old 120/76/30mm & HF deafness & never hear exactly what he's saying!
Just done the last course (3-15 June).
Good course, things that will help you get the most from the course is as ironrations mentioned. Ensure that your webbing fits and is as comfortable as it can be. 24hrs of rations, 2 X Waterbottles and as much ammunition as you can fit in the rest is the packing list. Ensure you have a good patrol sack. In mine all I had was tams, a camelback, mossie rep and 800 rounds of link.

As for training ensure that you are battle fit and used to carrying same weight as the kit above, aswell as your helmet and ecba of course. Plus the weight of a GPMG if you are likely to be a gunner. That is generally the heaviest load, however commanders will carry rifle/lsw dependant on numbers, 351, CWS, Binos and other command kit. So everyone is carrying a reasonable amount, so train for the worst case. I tabbed about with a cut down scaffolding pole filled with concrete before the course, as having weight in your hands makes quite a difference as I am sure you are aware. Ensure you conduct some hill training!!!!!

As for other training, ensure that your weapon handling and map reading are up to speed. Ensure that you are happy with sect battle drills, you will be reminded but it will help if you have them squared away.

The main thing as will all courses is keep a sense of humour!!!! It gets harder as the course progresses, just try to keep smiling and you will see your drills improve tenfold and be somewhere around where they should be. I thought mine were ok, nope they were arse at the start!!! But by the end of it they were up to standard brought out by the excellent instructors.

All in all as mentioned it is a good course, well paced and you are treated as adults. It is hard at times but worthwhile especially if when you return to your unit you pass on the skills as taught and help guys when out on ops.

To quote the CSM "If in doubt; Lash Out!!!" or one of his more priceless quotes "Are we Jet Pilots or Astronauts?" ??????? :?

Anymore info req don't hesitate to PM me.
Sounds like fun !!!

Sometimes i wish i just could say no when asks if i want a course to do!!!!

Best get bergan out and look for the big hills around Hameln.

Is it just AASAA Instr on the course or as stated by iron mixed? Got a mate off to do SRR in Jan do you think this course would benifit him?
No the requirement for SAA instructor has been binned, it may state it on paperwork but from the CO IBS SAA instructor qual not required anymore.

Depends what course he gets on in case of injury that will fcuk up his SRR cse but I would say it would benefit anyone, as it is exactly as it says on the tin Basic Skills.
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I have read with interest all the posts, and i have just recieved my joining instructions for the course in sept. If anyone has done any of the recent courses or can offer some more advice please either post or pm me. Many thanks to those who have posted already.


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