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This thread has been started in order that all comments and questions etc regarding RCB issues can be centrally located, rather than several threads being open at any one time.

Many of the questions raised are repeated on a weekly basis, so it is intended that this thread should be something of a FAQ post.

Any questions raised should be answered fairly and without too much stick being applied. Being responsible in the way we handle requests for help is clearly the best approach.

Anyone found posting requests for RCB info outside this thread should be politely directed here, so that we have any central repository.

Any problems with this, please feel free to PM me for any moderation....
Sorry if this is a stupid question that's answered somewhere else, but I'm trying to plan my summer and will most likely be called for main board (assuming I pass briefing first time of course) sometime in June/July. Is there a list of the main board dates anywhere so I know when not to book any holidays?

thanks in advance.
smythst said:
Sorry if this is a stupid question that's answered somewhere else, but I'm trying to plan my summer and will most likely be called for main board (assuming I pass briefing first time of course) sometime in June/July. Is there a list of the main board dates anywhere so I know when not to book any holidays?

thanks in advance.
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Err, if you pass Pre RCB then they will give you provisional dates for the Main Board. What's yr hurry?
You would normally wait about a month to 6 weeks (?) between Pre RCB and Main Board anyway, plenty of time to book your hols Mr Eager Beaver. :lol:
Have you tried talking to Westbury?? I did when I needed a list of dates and they were very helpful.
Was looking at the same months myself;

June 7-10, 14-17, 21-24 and 28-1 Jul
July 5-8
August 2-5, 9-12,16-19 and 23-26.

Only the one July board due to the summer break.

Hope that helps.
I have a delay on attending RCB Main Board. It runs out in January, I however will be in a lovely sandy place. Is it possible to sit it early - ie a couple of months. (i fear my brain will be destroyed during iraq).

Did my briefing aged 17 and made a bit of a mess of it. 2-24.
what sort of questions am i likely to be asked to gauge my level of service knowledge?

(I have no mil background or experience - my knowledge is based on this site, the official army/mod site, papers/media, recruitment literature and the heyman pocket guide - will this do me right?)
From what I gather, service knowledge includes questions like:
"How many companies are in a typical infantry regiment?"
"What rank is typically a platoon comander?"
"Name the three teeth arms?"

I could be wrong, I havn't actually done RCB yet.
I did RCB with absolutely no military experience and got on fine. What they seem to look for is that you have taken some interest in your future career rather than expecting you to have a detailed knowledge. Know the rank structure, the names of the main bits of kit (i.e Challenger 2) and what the different arms do i.e. infantry and armour - the fighting troops; RLC - supplies the the fighting troops.

Oh and read the random bits of the broadsheets - I remember the current affairs questions being along the lines of "what's the name of Princess Anne's dog?"


A lot of it's down to luck.

I had a nice pair of officers (in 2003) who asked me lovely questions like 'Who is the new Governor of California?', or 'Who is secretary of Defence?, and even 'Who won today's World Cup Rugby match?'

But then I heard that some of the other guys got grilled on the junior ministers of Defence, various Staff officers and similar random knowledge that you have no hope of answering.

Just smile nicely, pretend you're lovely, and generally you'll get away with it.

But then I did do the scholarship board :p
Ah, yes. The Scholarship Board...

I had a 2*, a 1*, a Col and two public school headmasters grilling me on everything from the future of the EU to whether I rated Philip Larkin as a poet.

I still rate it as one of the most gruelling interviews I've ever had. I was 16 years old. Fortunately, my talent for bullsh*tting manifested itself early and has held me in good stead for the last decade (and the rest!).

A question I have seen elsewhere; are there any other ‘dummy’ versions of the written planning exercise? (Apart from the one on the RCB site?) In any books anywhere etc?

Also does anyone know what the record is for the amount of assault course activities* (not sure what it is called) completed? - Just out of curiosity. *wasn't happy to see the ladies doing the easier course on the way back to the billet*
A top tip is to have a few little lecturettes slightly prepared beforehand. I would suggest that they would be on your "interests" as listed in the personal details form. Don't go to town on it, as it may be a wasted effort, but they did ask a guy in my syndicate to talk about football, as he was quite a good one. He did a superb talk about "how to celebrate scoring a goal", which was a welcome relief to 10 mins on the offside rule.

The other top tip is to be yourself. You are there for 3 days, and the board will have an opportunity to scrutinise you in great depth. Do us all a favour, and be natural. You do not need to put on a public school accent, or adopt airs and graces. Just get stuck in on the group tasks, try to lead your individual one well, but hey, if you don't get through, you know it wasn't meant to be.
Regarding the current affairs questions I was given some fairly easy ones. Mostly front bench labour MPs. Sec of state for defence, education etc. Also something like the American secretary of state for defence, can't remember exactly.

I was asked no questions at all on my military knowledge. (Although this was the Welbeck/Scholarship board).

In the interviews the trickiest questions I got were: "If I gave you £5 right now, what would you spend it on" and "tell me a joke" - I had dirty jokes just whizzing through my head and that was it, I think I somehow talked my way out of answering it if I remember rightly.

You always always get questions like, why do you think you'll be a good army officer? What skills could you bring to the team? What is your worst characteristic?

I think I did ok on the command tasks, messed up my own one though. I got a really boring one, it was just stepping on stones and making bridges with wood to get to the other side. I also had a young lady in my team who just would not give in on anything. There was a small gap which was easily jumpable and we had no planks really to spare so I opted to jump it and she made a big fuss and got a plank, although the DS did comment that we were army and not cub scouts so she took that one to heart. Later we had quite a big gap and a plank to spare and I went to put the plank down and she said “no we can jump it” a few did but another one of the girls tried it and missed and whacked herself on the side. That was quite difficult to deal with as you obviously want to use the best plan and put your side across but if I didn’t give in, she certainly wasn’t going to, we wouldn’t have got anywhere.
Obvious but if you claim to read a certain newspaper, at least make sure you know what section is where - editorial, letters etc. We had a guy who claimed reader of Times but claimed it still had adverts on front page!
Are the current affairs questions, "Labour front benchers, etc?" in the interviews or on the computer test?

Also someone referred to there being two officers during the interview stage, i thought it was three separate interviews, one on one which were fairly informal and mainly about yourself? Can any one confirm or deny this?

And what is the format for the essay section, i understand the question is usually current affairs based, but how long are you given?

Well i did the Welbeck/scholarship RCB and here is what i know..

The current affairs questions are in the interviews but apparently aren't always as easy as Labour front benchers etc.

As i remember it there were 3 interviews, you had to be suited and booted, waiting outside the doors, changing at the sound of a bell i think and knocking when told to, but the interviews didn't seem terribly informal. This was a long time ago so it is hard remembering the ins and outs* but i am pretty sure each interview had a different focus.

1 of these interviews, i think, was with the head teacher at Welbeck or something to do with the school so it may well be only 2.

I don't remember doing any essay.

I am booking my date for my RCB brief soon so i'll post any information i have on here.

good luck.
Doing the main board next week. I'll give you all the heads-up regarding the current format when I get back.

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