All about to kick off in South America

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brettarider, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Looks like a new proxy war could be about to start. Would be interesting to see the quailty of the 6 new units formed from thin air and Isuspect it could get a bit messy for Columbia with the Narco's that they have been ighting siding with the other lot.

    The Colombian government has announced it is building a new military base on its border with Venezuela and has activated six new airborne battalions.

    Relations between the two nations are at a historic low with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez already telling his generals to prepare for war.

    He moved 15,000 more troops up to the border, accusing Colombia and its ally, the US, of planning an attack.

    A BBC correspondent says the potential for conflict is heightened.

    Colombian Defence Minister Gabriel Silva announced the formation of a new base in La Guajira in the north, near the Venezuelan border.

    At the same time, the Colombian army activated the new airborne battalions, which are equipped with US helicopters.

    The helicopter fleet, made up mainly of Blackhawks, now numbers 120, making the Colombian Army Air Corps the best equipped and most experienced in Latin America, the BBC's Jeremy McDermott in Colombia says.

    Preparing for war

    President Chavez has criticised a pact announced last month allowing US troops to use several bases in Colombia.

    Mr Silva said that the new base would have up to 1,000 soldiers.

    It would, he added, also have a care facility for indigenous Wayuu people who live in the area.

    Since Venezuelans were told by Mr Chavez to prepare for war and the Venezuelan army starting blowing up bridges that link the two nations, Colombia has been overhauling its defence strategy.

    Until now this strategy has been geared almost exclusively to fighting the country's 45-year Marxist insurgency.

    With the increasing build-up of military on both sides of the border, the potential for conflict is heightened, particularly when one considers 2,000 rebels in the border region prepared for a fight between the two nations, our correspondent says.

  2. Chavez has been taking verbal pops at the Dutch as he claims they are going to let the US use the Netherlands Antilles as a springboard to attack Venezuela
  3. I think the Columbians will give young Chavez a bloody nose they are more experienced but they better upgrade their Anti Tank capabilities have you seen what Chavez has been spending his dosh on ?
  4. Nope but considering he's in bed with the Russian's T80/70? per chance?
  5. Not just Russia.

    I've no doubt those clever lads at New Era will have been rubbing their hands with glee.
  6. Columbians have the Spike missile system, TOW, APILAS, etc.

    The Columbian Armor is mostly EEC-9 wheeled Cascavels and several M8 Armored cars retrofitted with M55 Quad M2HB mounts.

    Chavez while he waits for T-72's has AMX13C-90's and AMX-30 Tanks, & Scorpions with 90mm guns
  7. With over 100 Blackhawks,I'd imagine a few Hellfires would turn Chavez's armour into a scrapyard in a short minute! :D
  8. Never mind the Blackhawks... How long before the U.S. joins in in a 'peacekeeping' role. I can't see Obama giving up on a chance to earn another Nobel Prize and do a little bit of messing with South American events - Only thing more likely to attract the U.S. would if one of the countries had some oil... :roll:
  9. The Jug Eared Mulatto would never fight his brother in Socialist Fraternity
  10. Lets hope this keep chavez busy so he cant side with the argies and have a pop at the falklands!!!

    (that theory has been banded around here before)
  11. columbia may have blackhawks but chavez has
    24 Sukhoi Su-30 and some still working F16s
    columbia has israeli kfirs

    now going tank busting with modern fast jets on the other side :x
  12. Venezuela has a fairly credible air defence system as well. LINK

    I assume that with the help of their friends in Moscow they've kept them up to date. LINK
  13. Couple of anonymous JSOW's would turn their Airforce into a scrapheap as well :D
  14. This could spell the end of the Columbian SOF participation to ISAF if things get nasty with Venezuela.
  15. :p :p Why Venezuela has oil! How interesting! :wink: And it is run by a gobby little shit who likes to preen himself on being the El Supremo in South America. :strong: I don't see a possible down side in taking him down a peg or two. :mrgreen:

    The Jug-Eared Mulatto might not like fighting his socialist brother-in-arms Senor Chavez, but I'll bet he would do it. Chavez has already denounced him as being a non-believer.