All about the TSR2, please

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. Given it was soooo beautiful, lets have some stuff about it here please.
  2. scraped by the brits, copied by the yanks, reborn as the f 1,11 me thinks..................
  3. There was a very informative thread on TSR2 a while ago.
  4. The old man, was a flight sgt on the TSR2 project, as well as being involved in the BLUE STEEL project, did work on both in Aus and the UK,over a long period, very much "if i tell you, have to kill you" though.

    I will have a look through his attic gear next time i am at the old homestead, pretty sure there were a few pic,s of the test pilots and the engineering guys. He was i remember totally pissed that both were junked for various reasons, although a lot of the lessons learned were incorporated into future projects that he was involved in when a civvie.
  5. Maybe This one?

    Bloody memory would appear to be shot away...
  6. **** me,I wear glasses,and even I can see no resemblance,between these two airframes. Just google TSR2,you might just change your mind,methinks.............
  7. No. The F111 had no link with the TSR 2 at all. It was home grown by the Cousins. The UK was down for about 50 after the TSR 2 was axed, but that order was axed too and we bought F4 Phantom's in the end. I believe that GD even built an RAF spec F111 before the UK programme was cancelled. The TSR 2 was a fantasic concept, but the very small wings (as dictated by it's low level, long range, nuclear strike role) would have lead to many operational issues. At operational fuel and weapon loads it would have taken a massive runway to take off safely.
    However, it was a beauty.
  8. Downright ugly, I thought.
  9. When I was stationed at Cranwell in the early 70s, there was the fuselage, engines and the electronics of a TSR2 all kept seperately in different departments of Trenchard Hall for the u/t engineers to have a shufty at a modern aircraft. I suspect that the bits have long since been disposed of.
  10. in one day it did a "photographic bombing run" over the kremlin and Whitehouse, when the photographic results where brought back to the government and someone had a panic attack over how good it was. There was a real feeling that if the russkies knew how good it was another missile crisis would ensue. The program was scrapped immediately, the wing technology went on to become part of concorde, some of the technology went into the lynx rotor blade design.

    We were 30 years ahead of the americans in this technology shame really, until later this year when our spyplane was released proving that we are still the world leaders in this.

    TSR 2 was and still is my favourite aircraft, I think the pilot had to lay down to fly it,
  11. I remember seeing (?) Richard Dimbleby on TV 'flying' a model TSR2 over some model trees and making a satirical comment. Had a look on the net, couldn't find it, but found some video footage here may help you - TSR2 The Untold Story - links near the bottom of the page - 2 Mandatory Testing For Politicians

    You've asked for "all about the TSR2", so here is a childhood memory which I hope will add some bulk to your research. I was about 11 or 12 at the time of cancellation, and while I cannot remember all the details, I do recall that the adults were not happy with the decision.

    Looking at it now, I think it was the start of Britain's version of the Cultural Revolution.
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  12. Presumably Armadillo you were already drunk at a New Year party when you wrote the above load of hoop…or is it a wah?!!

  13. Before that date, mid sixties, the old man was at RAF Henlow having been posted from boscombe down, they had an airframe there for quite some time, way over the other side of the airfield, i can remember a comment by the old lady one day " i thought that you were posted off this project " he responded with something like it aint dead yet! but sadly it was. He finished with the RAF the following year and went to work for RR, headhunted would be the modern term.
  14. Sigh. why do we get moist over "might have beens". Yes it would have done what it said on the tin but as has been illuded to on other threads on the TSR2 it did have problems. Indeed if ARRSE was around in the 60's methinks it would have met with the same derision as the Typhoon gets within these threads. The undercarradge had massive problems, airframe amplitude on landing nearly blinded the pilots (sort of solved). range was not as advertised, electronics took up a space 8"x 10" and probably as reliable as a minis in the rain. All solveable of corse but wouldn't we moan about it? I remember waxing on about the TSR2 with two old hands at what was Bae warton who had a hand in the project. Both were rightly proud but Illuded to a big unfixable problem. I think it was gust response as I said on another thread. I read about this in a book that escapes me now but when the port wears off I will look it out. Don't get me wrong I love this aircraft but it was just generic in terms of development.It's just we killed off the blood line.