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UKBA can only enforce existing UK Immigration Law. It does it very well. It wants to do more, but it is confined by Law (some of which is imposed on Uk by Europe )and finantial resources which is an entirely separate issue .
Given the thread title, I'm pleasantly relieved this thread wasn't a link to the Daily Mail and a lot of "witty" comments about the "outrage bus".


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The pikeys will nick the cable so when the train glides to a gentle stop the UKBA can board it.
So Belgian police are utterly useless at arresting serial killers and pedophiles, but are capable of arresting UKBA staff? The Van Dammes need to be reminded their pointless little country - and I use the word in it's loosest possible sense - only exists because there are parts of Europe so worthless even the Germans and French don't want them.
If the Germans take charge of everything in the EU then this will stop. They need to keep hold of every potential taxpayer they can get to prop up the Euro.

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