ALL ABOARD! Outrage bus is now departing.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. Could it run us all to the areas concerned, so that we might pass the day drinking Spesh and playing cards in the street? That will teach them.
  2. 30 people in total max...I wouldnt consider that a threat. However, this chain of media outlets are well known for stirring up trouble and fear mongering. What would the Muslim community be without bhangra, fancy weddings and expensive sarees.

    I would consider the motive to be plain and simple attention seeking. They have no respect at all.

    Fucking Salafis....deport them to Chechnya, I am sure they know how to handle them!
  3. I fancy going there for a drink and game of poker. Lets see them put their money where their leaflets are
  4. On the up-side it will make divorce a lot simpler.
  5. I'll bring the whores and charlie - we can have a street party to celebrate Pippa Middletons arse
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  6. I will in any event treasure the photos in that story. Any time I start to question the choices I have made in life, and to feel dissatisfaction with where they have led me, I will look at that photo of a pig-faced ginger Islam-walt sticking up notes to wind up the Daily Mail, and feel a renewed sense of self-satisfaction.
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  7. Actually quite crafty, in a 1920s Nazi sort of way. Take a few issues non-extremists will agree with (like alcohol-swilling chavs littering the streets) and mix them in with your own agenda (music, dancing).

    Maybe the Outrage Bus needs a few minor mission-specific mods before heading out the gate:

  8. EDL will be down shortly looking for muslamic ray guns and demanding to see mosques being built in Mecca
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  9. Can I be the first NAAFI extremist!
  10. Bill stickers will be prosecuted, where's the queue for the bus - I have got a case of Spesh, and I quite fancy the little minx above with her arms in the air :)

    Tits.........................Whats tits!
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  11. You going to get your waistcoat out of storage, that will go down well with everyone
  12. Will there be some really ancient Nurses on the Bus?
  13. In crotchless Burkas.
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  14. and wearing Peep Hole Bra's