All 42 Hvy/5 Hvy/32 Hvy/39 Hvy members - M-107/M-110 model.

The idea has been put out to have made a pewter model of the M-107 175mm/M110-8" S.P gun in travel mode in 1/35th scale(approx 5"x8") mounted on a wooden base.Min 25 ordered for it to be made,at a cost of approx £50-60!.
pm me if keen and I will put you in touch with the chap who is sorting it,known to many as Dog/Capt Chemo or visit Web Page Name
Come on Heavy Gunners get a piece of Cold War history!
G-can you please pm me again as I stupidly deleated it before getting details down.
Have you any photos we might use to show the modeller as the more we show him to work from then the better the detail of the model etc.

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