Aliwal Bks, Tidworth

Discussion in 'RAC' started by soprano54, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. As far back as I can remember Aliwal Bks was always the home of the Armd Recce Regt who were based in Tidworth. My own Regt 3RTR were there 67-69 and I can remember 1RTR and 15/19 being there in the mid to late 70s. Any other takers?
  2. oh us in the 80s iirc
  3. 13/18H were in Assaye, 17/21L were in Aliwal, I think RH were in Bhurtpore 89/90

    13/18H were the recce
  4. 16/5L were at Aliwal 1973/4 followed by 1 RTR 74/76 followed by 15/19H
  5. 3DG had a couple of Sqns. at Aliwal,1960 onwards,I was attached to them for a few months,too young to join 11H out in Aden,got there eventually.
  6. Gents thanks for the info so far and I take it you were all in the Armd Recce role?
  7. When Tidworth Garrison was originaly built between 1902 - 1905 it was to house only Infantry. The cavalry was to be mainly based in Aldershot. This however did not go down to well with the smoky rooms of Horse Guards so Tiddles was devided up into Cavalry and Infantry Barracks. The earliest maps (up to around 1939) still indicate which arm was in which barracks. Rumour has it that the line up of barracks from west to east mirrors the Royalist first line at the battle of Edgehill. I know, I am a spotter. KRH and 2nd Track now share Aliwal Bks (ish). I am now off to get a life.....................................................................
  8. Yes you really do need to!!! :yawnstretch:
  9. I thank you, I'm here all week............................................................. :)
  10. Err,no,3DG had Cents then.Shared Tank Park with us when we came back from Aden and converted to Tanks.We were at Bhurtpore for 6 months before moving over to Hohne.
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    There is a picture in Light Dragoons of 19H parading being their Colonel in Chief in August 1914 at Aliwal Barracks prior to catching a boat to France.

    As 15/19H (as indicated above) Aliwal Barracks was my home in 1976-77. I can tell you that Aliwal Barracks changed not a jot in the intervening years. Only the cockroaches were bigger.
  12. Certainly during the 70's & 80's it was Armd Recce. 1RTR returned to the newly built Aliwal Barracks in 1993 equipped with Chieftain.
  13. With reference to Boggles (Alien) post above. I recall living in B Sqn block ground floor in 76, room eventually condemned and sealed shut due to the enormous amount of very large cockroaches infesting it. The balcony on the floor above (nice edwardian wrought iron) was where cockney Curran's dog was hung by a pair of army issue braces for crapping everywhere....
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I was sat in FHQ accommodation one afternoon. The sudden smell of sh!t was dreadful. I looked a Bazz and asked him if he'd dropped his guts. He tried to blame me. We were moved to an upstairs room for the rest of the tour while they dug up and repaired the ruptured (evidently Victorian) sewer. The cockroaches were so big they scared the rats away. Truly that was a sh!thole.

    It was only when you told me last year about Cockney's dog that I realised what had happened to it. When it didn't come out to Padders I just assumed it was about rabies. But it was a good freefall course, n'est-ce pas?
  15. QDG (Armd Recce) were in Assaye Barracks in 1991 after moving from Wolfenbuttel after Gulf War 1 and I completely forget who we took over from (13/18??). The Assaye Barracks regt provided the AMF(L) sqn. 17/21 (Armd) were next door in Aliwal. QDG then handed over to the RHA (forget which number) in 1991 before moving back to Sunny Sennelager (probably the worst Lager in the orld) drawing to a close the RAC connection with Assaye.

    Rumour had it that the plans for Tidworth and a barracks in India got mixed up and the Tidworth blocks were built to an Indian Army Barracks specification (hence high ceilings and verandahs) and that somewhere in India is a UK specification barracks with low ceilings and coal fires!! Nice thought but probably completely untrue.