Alitalia, I cant wait

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scrofula, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. As soon as that company is fcuked, there will be a whole pack of hostesses looking for a new job. I'm ready. I'll even form a company. Restless Italian girls looking for global chances. Any buyers?
  2. Another loser trying to find a way to get laid... :roll:

    You should have joined the Regiment... All we do/did was hang around the tarts and score faster than Pele playing a bunch of Welsh retards...
  3. NAAFI munters don't count, AA.

    Scrofula - I am fairly convinced that you are on crack, mate.
  4. Trouble is, the crack I am on smells like lobster
  5. As an airline you could never find your luggage with them so the chances of finding any spare blooter is fast approaching feckall!
  6. They probably would if your name's Scrofula... :D
  7. How very true.
  8. Was that the Wright brothers flying that Mr D :D
  9. Sorry to do this... but I just keep getting the mental image of that horrible little I Italian scrote from Strictly Come Dancing.... I bet there are no female stewards at all I bet they are all men and all just like him....
  10. Shouldnt this be under the abreviations topic................Alitalia-Airplane Lands In Turin And Luggage In Ancona.