Alister Cambells Depression?

So Alister Cambell has come out and stated that he has suffered from Depression whilst working for Tony Blair.

Well fcker that could be because you lied out of your yellow arse over Dr David Kelly. Then proceeded to hound the man to his death. A fine man who had single handedly worked to keep our world a safer place for the twelve years prior to his death. But hey you had all the trappings and security and support of your government office. Doctor David Kelly had fck all.

You all wanted to break him and you did and now there you go 655,000 dead humans later and you and your team are still in the shitsu. Hey just think if you had listened to the man when he told you that there was no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. No don't do that because that will mean that the regime change plan was totally fcked up.
Pillager said:
Will he have to queue for his treatment or will he get the fast track reserved for people who have served their government?
Hopefully he'll be fast tracked into one of our 'world class' NHS mental hospitals for treatment. I dream of him sharing a ward with compulsive masturbators and people making models of Nelson's Column using their own excrement.

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