Alistair Campbells Diaries

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Watching Sky News and this man really is unbelievable. He still is trying to put spin on his diaries and avoiding answers from his interviewer. One person said that these diaries are Alistair Campbells second greatest work of fiction after the "Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction Dossier". He still thinks that the sun shines out of Bliars Arrse.
  2. How dull! I though the thread was called Alistair Campbell Dies.
  3. My eyes must be going, as that's what I read at first. Wishful thinking methinks.

    Strange how we've now been told that Bliar would have resigned before the 2005 election (but the war happened - 'events, dear boy, events'), then he would have resigned if he'd lost the going to war vote (but he didn't), then would have resigned if questioned under arrest for Peerages-gate (but he wasn't).

    Yeah Alistair, of course it's all true.
  4. Only time I shall agree with the psychologically flawed, Stalinist, control freak and therefore no intention of reading this rubbish. I suppose it could save me some money on loo-paper though.

    Disgusting and dreadful, bullying, dangerous little twerp. In the same league of depravity and disgrace as Bliar.
  5. Just had an arguement with the wife who said he was a jounalist and not a civil servant and I said he was a journo who was made a senior civil servant by Bliar. No doubt someone will give me the answer. In a way I hope I'm wrong as he will be no doubt entitled to a index linked large pension. :evil:
  6. Wasn't He doing the same job as Bernard Inham then?
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Yes, he was co-opted as a civil servant, which is fairly common for personal advisors.
  8. 800 pages of the truth are missing from his diaries.Why buy this piece of toilet paper just to enrich Campbell bank balance,he is so good at spin he could sell sand tae the arabs.
  9. I'll nick a copy from the library, who will no doubt be buying loads of copies to squeeze in between their Hindi language section and the racism and slavery section.. Couldn't bear the thought of putting a single penny in that scrote's pocket by actually buying a copy of his book.
  10. I am off sick so have been bored watching day-time TV for the last few days, and Campbell is hilarious. Apparently the fact the everyone thought that he has a foul temper is their problem and nothing to do with him!

    What has amazed me though is that no journo has pointed out that Labour cabinet ministers all roundly condemned Sir Christopher Mayer for his diary covering his time as our man in Washington...and his time as John Major's press secretary. But I have heard no complaints at all over this example. New Labour hypocrisy... or merely because he knows where the skeletons are?
  11. It depends what viewpoint one takes. I imagine there's a big difference between:

    a) Being Chief Press Secretary to the Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher) having worked previously for the likes of Tony Benn and Barbara Castle as a career Civil Servant.


    b) Being The 'Prime Minister's Director of Communication and Strategy' having been Political Editor of the 'Daily Mirror' and with close ties to 'Captain' Bob Maxwell and Kinnochio.

    I personally don't remember Mr Ingham being accused of producing dodgy dossiers and even dodgier 'independent' inquiries.

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  12. very good :D

  13. A cuddles writes:

    No sorry but you are both wrong. Alaistair Campbell was in fact a complete cnut. He later became an even bigger cnut whilst doing PR for Clive Woodward's, himself a talented cnut of the first water, Lions.
  14. Don't worry; give it a few weeks and it will be remaindered along with Katie & Wotsit's autobiography.

  15. Both Lanky and Radioactiveman make good points about the hypocrisy of New Labour.

    I will take an interest but I won't buy the book.