Alishas Attic

Any one remember, or was a fan of Alishas Attic, might be intrested to know that Shelly Poole one half of the Attic is releasing her second single from her debut album (Hard Time For The Dreamer) on the 8th May. Its a stunning record as is the album.
Go get it people :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yep karen & Shelly Poole daughters of Brian Poole (tremeloes)
Gunny That a matter of opinion. You say it like its a fact.
Go get yourself an education :lol:
this Alishas Attic the 'next big thing' then? kinda like the spice girls?

...............sigh* i'm such a fuddy 'oldie, time to pop an ac/dc tune on i think.
Aa were about at the same time as the Spices, Only better, Must have been OK they sold quite a few Million.
AC/DC indee was listening to them earlier followed by some Floyd And then some Gilmore bit of Zappa so it goes on :p :p :p :p :p
sedanman32 said:
Yep karen & Shelly Poole daughters of Brian Poole (tremeloes)
Gunny That a matter of opinion. You say it like its a fact.
Go get yourself an education :lol:
Dude, I take my music seriously (‘ish). When they first appeared via the magic of teeveeee, I thought they were both pretentious, taking themselves too serious (that’s the impression I got). I have, actually, followed their music (have their albums somewhere), but (in my bumble opinion), they should have mellowed out slightly. Judging by the pic in the gallery, I may need to eat my words.....

Good luck to this lass, and the other one (and if your bumming one of them, is the other one free?). And, you wasn’t a member of the group that released ‘Nelly the Elephant’ back in 1984 are you (ex-AAC by chance??). You have a strong resemblance to the drummer……

PS, if you need a prop in that club, just PM or email me.

PPS, think I have nits.
I too take my music very seriously. Mu tastes range from Floyd to Zappa and Electronic to Classical. I remember getting into Aa back when they first hit the scene and always liked the style. I never percived them to be pretentious but then I didnt see them in interviews too often. They are definately a couple of very mellow ladies now . Shelly is married to Ally (the guitarist with Texas) and Karen has never stopped writing for other artists such as Will Young Shapeshifters and many more top selling artists. Shelly prefers to gig and record her own material.
You dont need to eat your words as its your own opinion that kan never be based as right or rong by anyone else.
Cant answer your next question through fear of litigation :lol: :lol: 8O 8O
Not an ex member of any band im afraid (not of any note anyhow)
Not ex AAC im afraid
But I was a drummer
Next time there is a Gig at the club Ill get you an invite :wink:
Best thing for nits is shave your head 8O :? :lol:
Nice talking to you take it easy Gunny
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