Alis Points


I'm new to the forum and I am just wondering if anybody could give some advice.

I am looking to apply to become an officer in the Army but I am bit concerned about the required ALIS points.

I am currently 16 and am just starting A levels in September but I home educated from leaving primary school to starting college last September and therfore did not do GCSEs. I am currently doing a BTEC L2 diploma in IT, which is equivalent to five GCSEs. I am also starting GCSE English and Maths and could also do a langauge GCSE if needed in September. I would like to carry on after A levels and do a degree in History.

Is there any hope for me in becoming an officer or are they very strict on the 35 ALIS points even if all other criteria are met?

Thank-you very much in advance.

Paul Isaac


Best not to use your real name around here... I'm afraid it's very boring advice, but your best bet is to go and speak to your nearest ACA (Army Careers Adviser). They have all the up-to-date info on what is and isn't possible within the system.

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