Aliens Vs Predator

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by GrizzlyPanda, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Ooooo yes, this is going to be something special.
    Kill Trailer
    Multiplayer is going to be a paranoid fuckfest of epic proportions.
  2. Cant wait like lol Im guessing that you can go a preditor or and alien in first person :D !
  3. Or a bald, space marine.
  4. It's a game. People who play video games are completely gay. As I keep reminding my sons.
  5. Keep telling yourself that, your mincing contaminated seed couldn't be the reason your sons like a bit of arseruffage :D
    Maybe you want to blame the TV for those thoughts you had in the gym showers?
  6. Teh demo is now up on Steam for Aliens vs Predator.
    Have a crack :D
  7. the demo is now on ps3 :D downloading it aswell as bad company 2
  8. Taking into account it's prerelease code, and only directx9 (directx 11 in full version) and matchmaking for the demo (matchmaking is shite, takes an age to find a lobby, join this steam group to find people to play with - dedicated servers etc for full release though) and all the other little bits, it's actually pretty good.

    P.S can preorder full game for PC from for £18, fecking bargain.
  9. I've tried the demo on the xbox.

    Can't say I'm impressed with it at the moment - although maybe it's just the death match mode that I don't like.

    Maybe if there was a mode that had teams of races - i.e. team of aliens vs a team of marines, with a lone predator, it would be much better. Basically, I think I was expecting something that played in the same vein as Left4Dead.

    Shame, as I was looking forward to this :-(


    Just had a quick search - sounds like there are other game modes, closer to what I was expecting. So maybe not time to write this off yet :)
  10. Aye, the deathmatch is a bit samey. Got some lush modes lined up though. Personally looking forward to that survivor mode myself.
  11. The deathmatch hasn't impressed, if I'm honest.

    Considering the Alien's are a solely melee based PC, they're bloody cack at it.

    Also, WHAT is with that insta-kill-from-behind attack? Whilst doing it, you lose your entire screen and can't move, instantly form a 'loltrain' of insta-kill-from-behind-attacks.
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    just ordered this on PC from Amazon... who's up for a spot of co-op play when it turns up next week?
  13. Preordered mine through, so it should turn up tomorrow since it wasn't here today.