Aliens Vs God

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Sep 3, 2005.

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  1. Sat here in my hovel i have been doing some thinking (painful i know)

    People out there who claim to talk to aliens are called nuts,
    Then why is it when people talk to god we are not allowed to make fun of them?

    With the amount of planets out there in the universe, i reckon there is bound to be some aliens of some kind, ok they might not be as advanced as us, but even bacteria on a didtant planet is still classed as an alien.

    Do we actually believe there is one supreme being who created our universe?
    if so why out of the billions upon billions of planets, should he pay particular attention to our planet?

    No one has ever actually seen god, as far as i know, just the same as no one has actually seen aliens.

    SO i put this question to the wisdom of arrse

    Why do we call the one who believe they have talked to aliens as nut jobs, when the ones who talk to the supposed supreme being be allowed off the hook?
  2. Possibly because many of us cry out to God at a certain moment, so to rip the pish out of those who talk to Her at other times would be churlish. With that in mind, I'd be pretty scared if I was with someone who cried out to Mr. Spock or some other alien-being at that certain moment! 8O
  3. Because the ones who "talk to God" want to rule over you,prevent you from blaspheming,stop you coveting your neighbour's ass,stop you having other gods before their "god",stop you bowing down before "graven images",burn you at the stake,chop the end of your 4skin off,blow you up on buses and trains,massacre large numbers of you for being "infidels" and generally f*ck you about until you pretend to agree with them. :evil:

    As Father Ted says........."Fascists are people in black who go around telling you what not to do whereas Priests are.............."

    The people who talk to aliens are normally quite harmless
  4. For those who believe in God no explanation is necessary, for those whose who dont believe no explanation is enough.
  5. Succinct and accurate; Good presentation skills that man

  6. To believe in god requires faith in a central organization (otherwise you are a dirty heretic) and given the number of con men, banks, life insurance salesmen, second hand car salesmen and politicos willing to take advantage of faith (remember tony always acts in 'good faith') .... faith is oviously not a trait for survival in todays world.
    Aliens on the other hand belong to the tin foil hat brigade and therefore scepticism of what you are told by central organization (there are no aliens honest) is a positive advantage since Scepticism is a trait for survival.
    Therefore alien 'worshipers' should outnumber religious types by about 2120 ... just in time to be picked up by the mothership.

    a dirty heretic and heading to 5 levels of dante's inferno according to my catholic mate
  7. Don't you find it strange in this day and age that people will quite happily chant over crystals they bought off bid up tv and follow weird science based religions which are without substance, but you tell 'em the kids go to Sunday school or confession and they look at you as if you have two heads !

    < disclaimer , my kids don't know what a sunday school is, nor are they Catholics >
  8. Crystals won't molest your kids while Priests/Sunday School Teachers...............
  9. Sabre is spot on. By any objective standard the chances of there being intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe is 99.9%.

    OTOH, I've never seen any evidence, whatsoever, of there being a divine entity. Unless, of course, s/he's a deity of war, famine, pestilience, terrorism, fraud and child abuse, in which case there has to be a God.

    I personally find religion a bit....odd. Which is why I put "Jedi/ Pagan Hybrid" on my census form.

  10. Top thread Sabre - nice one.

    Like V, I also put myself down as 'Jedi' - along with over 390000 other eligible members of the UK. To my utterly rational mind, there is no difference in believing that some bloke (who was handy with saw and chisel) was killed and then miraculously came back to life - and was also his own Father and haunting entity; and the fact that a cosmic energy field exists - it surrounds us, it binds us, it holds the universe together.

    I actually have the full list of where all the stated religions came in the census - Jedi came in at 394 - with a census code of 896. Just think how many freaky fcukers there must be out there for a sensible religion like Jedi to come in that far down the list!

    If anyone wants me to list the religions, just ask...
  11. No, but you talked me into it, you silver-tongued barsteward :D
  12. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Here's a craftily worded explanation:

    Landover Baptist Church

  13. The complete list of religions and belief systems as recognised by the ONS is here. It is a .pdf file of some 680kb. The list starts on page 14.

    For an analysis of the results of the census, click here.
  14. Scientificaly you cant prove that there is a God, but then again if you could prove it, it would take away the need to believe.
  15. Looking through that list I was going to say that all the religions were christian church or eastern religion based , then I got to Druid and "Jain"

    WTF ??