Aliens v Predator 2 - looks gruesome!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Taz_786, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Looks much better than the first one, a half-decent plot and they've ramped up the gore and bodycount considerably, might even be rated 18 going by how gory this trailer is!

    Out around Xmas day in the US with us a month later, which is totally crap!
  2. Predator THEM?
  3. wonder if already out in iraq copied
  4. Ripley doesnt suit you. You should reregister as Yoda.
  5. just saying, that i expect it's all ready out over there, chill
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Indeed, security had to stepped up to handle the premier

  7. INFO-out in cinema's on 18th january 08
  8. Out tomorrow, pretty mixed reviews so far, anyone seen it yet?
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Mate of mine seen it in the States,
    Sh1te film!
  10. I've seen it.

    Not quite sure what to make of it, I'm a big fan of the Alien & Predator series, but only caught AVP on T.V. the other day, after I saw the new movie.

    It's quite predictable in some parts, not overly gorey. The movie was quite dark so sometimes it's hard to see. The part with the pregnant women was probably the most artistic, in a disgusting sense. I think the one thing that appealed to me about the whole film was that there was no discrimination on who should die. Just about everyone does, innocent or not. It's nice that they're being PC about execution these days.

  11. aye the pregnant woman scene was artistic.....
    even threw in a swimming pool scene feck out swimming one of them.
  12. I saw it about a month back. The plot was minimal and a bit far fetched in places, but if you want to sit down for a bit of mindless violence it's alright. As Dashing_Chap said most of the film is set during the night it can be a bit hard to see what is happening.

    Charlie Wilson's war is a much better choice, and doesn't shy away from admiting the USA dropped the ball when the Russians left AFG.
  13. Saw it today, it's correct that the dark and rain can make it difficult to follow the "close" action.

    Without giving anything away to those who have not seen it. It follows on directly from A vs P and does not leave an opening at the end for a 3rd instalment ( not that it would stop Hollywood ).

    I.m glad I saw it and will buy it on DVD ( but only when it's reduced to about £5 in Tesco's in about 12 months time.
  14. I'm with aghart on waiting till its a fiver.
    it was very derivative, a bit pointless plotwise, pretty SFX and didn't progress the AVP story at all (apart from the tiny twist at the end ... so dont leave early) .... still it was better that alien3 but then I had a diarrhea attack that was better than alien3!
  15. A fiver? You're better off waiting until it comes on Channel Five mate.

    Words can't describe how awful this was...the directors need to be boiled alive in acid for ruining two of the greatest ever film franchises with such a pile of shyte.

    Makes even the first AVP look brilliant and that's saying something. No wonder they didnt allow any advance screenings for the press.

    No doubt there'll be another outing still to come with that ending which was quite tantalising admittedly.

    Maybe we'll see the genesis of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation?

    Honestly they should get me to write the next one...i'd do it for free!