"Aliens" Robot sentry gun invented by South Korea...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Teach it to lift barriers as well and which regiment can we replace I wonder.
  2. ...would be a more accurate title. Impressive but not a new idea. The US, Israel and SA; amongst others; have all developed the naval CIWS concept for land use.

  3. Teach it to march and it could replace the Guards at Buck house.
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  4. The American Metal Storm platforms look impressive, not seen the Israeli or Saffa ones. Hi Ho it's off to Google we go.

    Of course when referring to Aliens we all know that taking off and nuking the site from orbit is the only way to be sure....
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  5. Teach it to drink cheap larger and nob skanky women and your all stuffed.
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  6. Wow, whatever next?

  7. Is it any good at protecting Harriers?
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  8. Is there an echo in here?
  9. I read something about these recently, looks impressive but apparently struggles to find the difference between friend & foe when operating under its own steam...
  10. It's a Septic. So no change there then.
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  11. Now they just need to invent a robotic acting assistant commissary to keep the guns fed.