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Aliens in East Anglia



Don't know if anyone else spotted this from the Beeb;


Looking at the bottom picture, isn't that suspiciously like an eight-digit reggy number tattooed on his foot?

So it's equally likely to be a former 'Angle-iron', pickled for posterity; weren't they a funny shape back then?

Someone at the BBC's got a sense of humour, posting that reply from 'Tina, from Hastings'.
From the BBC website under the alien story:

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You believe the American military after the cover ups they do? I have personally been in contact with 12 different species, of which the above alien is a bipedal infant of a sub-species of the vernculas quadrapeds. Many have visited and I think this is the leftover from some kind of breeding programme constructed after the Roswell landings. Don't be afraid of the truth!
Jimmy Henderson, Lancashire
Oh...my......good......god! 8O 8O Got to be a wind up right???

Why Norfolk though? Are sat navs just as awful on other worlds?
Paul, Sussex

This has to be the best comment though:

It looks remarkeably like my ex-husband.Those big beady eyes and clod feet are unmistakable. He just popped out for a loaf of bread on June 4th 1947 and I haven't seen him since.
Tina, Hastings
Well, whatever it is...it's certainly alien to Norfolk. No hair lip and too few fingers!

Does that fact that they pickled it mean they planned to eat it later? Makes a change from onions, eggs and red cabbage.
The only problem with tina from hastings comments are that they fit 90% of the retards and deformities who reside in hastings - apparently its twinned with kentucky - its my belief that an alien race in times gone by detonated a nuke in the area of hastings and the residual fall out has affected generations ever since producing more inhuman mutations than all the sci-fi films and programmes put together.
norfolk is full of aliens and inbred freaks! its like a circus just stepping out the front door! bearded ladies, dwarfs the the full thing!
how would you be able to tell if aliens had landed in norfolk they would just blend in with the yokels :D so it would be a good place for aliens to do a recce (this from a man from lincolnshire 8O :lol: people in glass houses etc)
I thought that it was standing for the role of lord mayor of Norwich personally, it came round my door with leafltes saying "vote for me" I felt sorry for it, and nodded

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