Aliens in Downing St!

Watched the latest Doctor Who, are they trying to tell us something? Are there really slimy, evil murderous aliens posing as politicians in Downing Street. It might explain a few things! :)
Have been for years's hardly new news. The monstrous triple bodied Prezza is a Doltoid from Dutaplex VII and Alaistair Campbell is a cnut from the planet Burnley..(eh?)
Whyever did Dr Who feel that a pig in a business suit would somehow end up in Westminster- albeit as the aliens' practical joke?.

The new Doctor is too fcuking 'right on', but am surprised by how good Billy Piper is. I expected it to be the other way round.

I wonder how long it will be before Casanova beds her on-screen?.
though the paras lived up to there sterotype
pig comes running at you slot it
pity they did'nt make bacon butties out of it though :lol:
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