Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rocketeer, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. I'm posting this bit of ' intel' here as it seems to be the place for conspiracy theories as championed by Bugsy and Frenchie et al.. sadly, if the stats are true, it seems they are in the majority and the rest of us sceptics [ thats ' s-c-e-p-t-i-c-s not Septics ] are losing ground.

    Item The first: KFC of Kentucky Chicken fame have a giant mosaic of Colonel Sanders constructed in the Nevada desert. Gregg Dedrick , President of KFC says: " If there are extraterrestrials in outer space [ as opposed to the ones in inner space, perhaps? ], KFC wants to become their restaurant of choice" [ unless, of course, the aliens ARE chickens ! ]

    Item the Second: Stephen Bassett is the only full-time registered UFO-lobbyist in Washington. He finds it tough to get meetings with politicians [ one wonders ] despite the fact that [ and this one made me pause and have a drink ] polls in America show that 7 out of 10 Americans believe the government is witholding information about extrterresrials and 1 in 7 Americans report that they knew someone who had a ' close encounter' with an alien!!

    Item the Third: Alien Archaeologists[!?!] theorize that the extraterrestrials ' bred ' the ' global elite ' of modern day politicians, corporate leaders and other people of influence in' secret societies '. Prominant examples of alien-bred descendants are Robert Gates -now slated to take over from Rumsfeld - and [ wait for it ] alien-descended George W Bush [ who, it was predicted by one such alien expert ] would become President in 2000.

    It all becomes so clear now...[ or was it the result of that last ****-probing brainwash? ]

    hearing the theme from the X-files playing somewhere, Rocketeer goes off to investigate...
  2. Following the X-files theme

    "The Truth Is Out There"

    But american heads are full of crap
  3. I cant beleave that these people actually beleave this crap, come on really.

    I beleave there is alien life out there but more likely to be very low level orginisms living in small pockets of water on some distant planet. Not bloody watching us, why would they? We are worse than watching neighbours.
  4. BUST4:

    maybe they have a monitoring team.. like mall security guys who sit and watch TV screens for shoplifters all day.. they're keeping an eye on the Asylum [ Earth ] or watching to make sure the Plague [ Humans ] doesn't escape quarantine??
  5. I’d thank you not to dump me into the same slot as all those loonies inhabit, Rocketeer! And I’m sure frenchperson feels the same! Just because we refuse to accept the patently ridiculous Septic gobment line on 9/11 doesn’t mean we’re “conspiracy theorists”. In fact, if you read over our posts on the subject (and I mean all of them, and not just those you select as suitable to your hypothesis), you’ll find that both frenchperson and I have repeatedly stated that we don’t subscribe to any of the wacky theories out there, but remain critical and sceptical. That would actually put us in a slot along with you!

    However, I remember when I lived in Chicago in 1980 and went along with a workmate to a meeting about “aliens”. What they propounded was just out of this world. While most of the audience was nodding sagely in obvious agreement, I felt like jumping up and loudly shouting: “You’re all complete fückin’ nutters!”

    It doesn’t surprise me that the Septics are wont to believe any old shite. Mind you, if their gobment really took them seriously and gave them correct information, maybe that wouldn’t happen.

  6. These specially bred descendants could just be the Lizard-people that David Icke has repeatedly warned us about.

    Think about it GW has the intellectual capacity of a reptile, Rumsfeld looked like an iguana, it all fits!

    Grayson! fetch the tinfoil hat! I fancy some conspiracy theorizing