Alien weed conquers Nepal.


But the thing is....It's our fault!

"Although there is no clear record, conservationists say the plant probably came from India, where it was said to have been imported during World War II.

"It is believed that it was brought into India to camouflage army camps during the war," says Mr Subedi.

Immigrants. Comes over here, nicking our ecosystem. Wrong sort of green. Send it back, I say... (Mutter, mutter)
Its a cunning plan of revenge for there rhododendron bushes taking over Dorset
Of course it's Britains fault as are all natural disasters, any large man-made disaster that nobody else will admit too, the extinction of the dinasours, global warming / climate change, the fall of the Roman Empire and slavery. :x


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I think Mr Brown should apologise.

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