Alien on Mars Found

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queen_of_Lesbeth, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Looks more like a Tusken Raider from Star Wars to me!

    Seriously though, if you have a look at the full picture available on the NASA website (seems to have fallen over due to demand at the moment) and read the accompanying description, the "Martian" can't be more than about 5m away from the rover, which means that the scary alien is only a couple of inches tall!
  2. pure gutter press - report anything aslong as people read it even if it is irrelivent - its obviously a fcuking fake (will withdraw statement when our martian overlords come and take us over) so why report such shite.
  3. Weren't the Mysterons on Captain Scarlet from Mars???
    Ask him, he'll know if its real...
  4. I think she was in a pub in Bristiol at Christmas. I definately bought her a drink, but she didn't put out.......I may have been slightly worse for wear....I can't really remember now.
  5. Yeah - but it looks sorta mongoloid as well. Does this mean...that by.....
  6. Looks like someone playing an insivible double bass?
  7. Yeh right! Ok, what was it doing? Out for a walk in the desert and decided to sit down for a break? Reallllllllly looks like a hairy beast - not.
  8. Somebody better tell the CIA we've found Osama Bin Laden!
  9. I looked at the original panoramic picture, that the news are not showing...
    It's only a rock that isn't even 5m away from the lander pod...
  10. NO! That is not right, step away from that comment.........
    Looks Fockall like her :wink:
  11. Gene Hunt ????
  12. Latest news...