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Alien Hand

Mrs 4-8 was reading an article in one of her magazines the other night and came across an article where a woman had developed alien hand syndrome following an operation on her brain.

According to the article her left arm developed a “mind of its own” and typed random stuff on the computer and hung up the phone when the woman was speaking.

A quick Google confirmed this syndrome exists saying “Whilst a patient has complete control over one hand; they report, and it can be shown, that they have no control over the action of their other hand” and goes on to say “In at least one case it has been reported that a patient was happily driving home when the Alien Hand seized the wheel of the vehicle nearly causing an accident whilst in other cases, simply trying to write one's own name is thwarted by the other hand pushing the controlled hand away from the paper being written upon”.

Now is this a curse or a blessing? And what an almost perfect excuse for getting away with stuff.

Sorry officer I didn’t mean to punch that Chav, grope that young lass, go shoplifting - it was my “Alien Hand”.

So just in the interest of “research” if you had Alien Hand what would you try and get away with?
Well, it'd be useful if someone was being a tit. Ala Cyclops.

Or then again, i could have so much fun with it, i don't know where to begin..... :twisted:


Book Reviewer
Hmmmmm - VIZ moments are characters coming right up . . . . . .

Shuffle and his amazing Alian Hand . . . .

Personally, I'd like to be Raffles, the Gentleman Thug and his Amazing Alien Fist.
Be careful. Imagine you have TB or GB alone, dark ally, and no witnesses. As you go to tw@ the fecker your 'alien hand' shots out to shake his just as your mates turn up.

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