Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tech-Wizard, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Anyone man enough to admit the error of their ways with a lovely lady known locally as 'fat A***e' from the glorious school of signals? Do tell.................
  2. Fcuk off, Atmosphere Hoover. Can't you take a hint?
  3. Don't be so mean guru, he's probably shy about asking for her phone number cos he's bored of wanking over his mums knickers.
  4. yawn guru. Leave me alone. :cry:
  5. Do you think thats going to happen now, troll ? If I don't jump all over you,I feel that there is a queue building. Bit like the screaming woman scene in Airplane ! I bags being the bloke with the adjustable.
  6. Hey wizard why don’t you baffle him with your amazing maths skills? surely a tech wizard/civvie/class 2/1 should be able to handle that?
  7. Alice, Alice - who the fcuk is Alice? :dj:
  8. Ahhh, another groupie to my clan. Hallveg, are you another guru, who reads every entry I submit, then wnak over them? You lot need to grow up...........

    Guru, don't pretend you know what an adjustable is. Leave that to TM Troop, you'll only do more damage.
  9. oooooh Tech-Wazzard, can I be a groupie too? You are a cnut.
  10. Hang on a mo, how the *uck does a Tech Weasel know what to do with an adjustable, did you ever hear the saying 'right tool for the right job', Well you sound like a right tool to me!!
  11. Sure, join the line when you're finished at the cookhouse.
  12. Glad to see your medal block has been updated accordingly nobber :x
  13. Yeah, you can put an MBE on the end, then it might start looking like mine.
  14. What completely empty of any medals?

    Sounds about right.
  15. Trust me you turd, although i do like to wank, doing it over a walt like you is not for me, your a troll knobhead, now quickly whilst were all watching the footy, nip out and top yourself, or cant you do that either, useless twat!