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Ali Dizaei found guilty at retrial


Book Reviewer
Oh good. For a moment (actually several separate moments) it looked as if Teflon Ali would slip through again. Does this mean we can stop paying him £90,000 a year to watch Jeremy Kyle and do a spot of gardening?
Just when I thought it was turning into a really shit day, something fooking fantastic like this happens.

Hope he bottom rots due to the arrse pounding he's going to get from a gang of contageous nonses sharing the wing with him.
" .... currently suspended from his £90,000-a-year job at the Met."

On full pay, I suppose.

There's always two or more sides to every story but I have to admit that Mr Dizaei doesn't exactly come over as Mr Clean.
It's weird because the victim was possibly the worlds least believable winess.
Benefit frauster
Illegal immigrant although Syrian so gets bonus points these days :(
Violent glassed someone nice
Top it all a suspected racist.
Still Ali came off as less believable :)

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