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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Alfie's Home...and it's available to buy here!.


    You may also wish to look at the readers' reviews - a small snippet:

    I daresay they may even appreciate some more comments...

    Sorry for not going straight to 'Internet Phots et al' - too good to be missed in there... :D
  2. And the lesson learned is?
  3. Uncle Pete's a knobber!
  4. Hummm… what made you go looking for that little gem?
    Did the bad men touch you in your special place? :D
  5. Must have been a case of, show me yours and I'll show you mine ;)
  6. Not Uncle Pete????? 8O

    What happens on page 25????? :? :? :? :?
  7. That would be a prison scene with "Uncle" Pete getting shanked in the exercise yard!

    Edited as I'm clearly less with it than usual
  8. In my book, uncle Pete would be a candidate for the mess Webley whether he wanted to or not
  9. Please say you did not actively search for this you have isues?
  10. Best line:

    'He said he would contact Uncle Peter and make sure he got help'

    I can here the help arriving now; 'Armed Police, freeze you f**ing nonce'
  11. You can't read it cos it's all been jizzed over mate; can't you see he's only showing one hand in all them pictures? He's obviously pulling his self off with the other fcuker.
  12. Ha, Ha!! The NAAFI doesn't get better then this, ha!!
  13. I could think of the NoN PC version............. :roll:
  14. I was hoping for something a little more graphic.

    If I was uncle Peter I would have had the young lad smoke me off and gently probe my anus with his tongue.

    Secondly, the lad has no common sense, if you miss out on fatherly love, simply take him his breakfast on a sunday morning and let him climax in your mouth as he mops up his egg with fresh hot toast.
  15. This is probably why Chris Langham went for the 'abused as a kid' excuse for being a nonce. 'Uncle Peter' got away with it so he thought he would.