Alexander The Leprechaun

Has anyone else seen this woeful tripe? It makes Sex Lives Of the Potato Men look good. $80 million - could have made a proper film for that!
Saw a clip this morning and i nearly choked on my weetabix when i heard that twat farrel pretend to be a leader of men.

He didnt even try to hide his "i've shagged the blarneystone" accent. 8O

agent smith

eeeeeekkkkk 8O

agent smith
Must admit i laughed out loud at the bit where he gives the speach before the battle...sounded like Gerry Adams giving a pep talk before a good nights bricking.
"Lots doo thas fer Grays!" (lets do this for greece - think)
Was expecting him to scream "Fer ra cause!" at any moment.

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