Alexander - Oliver Stone

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by far2young2die, Jan 6, 2005.

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  1. How can anyone have made such a hash of such a great story? This film is absolutely appalling and should be confined to the same bin as Sex Lives of the potato men. Colin Farrell is completely upstaged by his hair, the Macedonians all have Oirish accents. The subject of Alexanders bi-sexuality is skirted (no pun) and Angelina Jolie as his mother - bloody awful. The best way to view this film is as a sort of Carry on Conquering, it sort of works like that! :cry:
  2. Just did a "search" (it works!!!) on Sex lives of the Potato men, and found this. Now......I've not seen Alexander, but what's wrong with "Sex lives of the Potato Men"??? It's hilarious!

    For any of you lot out that haven't seen it, it's worth a giggle.
  3. Did you read what I posted???
  4. I agree F2YD. It even surpasses dire. :thumbdown:
  5. Totally agree with the original poster.

    Terrible disjointed and over dramatised (Theatrical or Directors cuts). Bad casting did not help matters either, although given the source material (and Macedonians who all appear to have hailed from the Emerald Toilet) Farrell looks almost Oscar material compared to the totally miss-cast Jolie, Kilmer and former boxer Gary Stretch!

    Only saving grace of the whole jumbled mess was Rosario Dawson's norks - my, my, she'd give a dog a bone!