Alex Salmond

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chasndave, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. One for all my fellow Jocks out there - in fact, sod it, anyone who wants to abuse the f**ker:

    Salmond - he's got a glib, smart-arrsed answer for EVERYTHING. He's got the personality of a rat-with-bubonic-plague, and a face that says "Bury a pick in me NOW"

    Help me out with your opinions of the c**t - surely I can't be the only one to hate him this much........

  2. Who typed this? Was it Chas or Dave? or did you take turns?
  3. I like him...if only cos I can now get to Fife for fcuk all which being the sh1thole it is , is only right an proper,oh and the council tax never went up,and prescription charges are being dropped,apart from that yeah scone the cnut :wink:
  4. But what have the Romans ever done for us?
  5. He's a very good politician and an exceptionally clever man. Can't see the point of your post. Maybe that's because you're a tube.
  6. He's got 3 jobs still. First minister, MSP and still an MP. Still dont trust him.

    But as Grippar said us folk fae Fife can now escape to Dundee [sh1tehole] and Edinburgh [See Dundee] and not have to spend any money on the bridges, for the privelige of going home.
  7. Only two things come from FIFE, fifers and wimpey labourers. Worse thing they ever did was build that fcuking brig.
  8. Eh?
    Thought the floating prison thing had been kyboshed.

    Good location, though. :)
  9. For all that I think him gey sleekit, he's one of the few politicians on the national stage who's actually held a job outside politics. And he was good at it!

    He's got a separatist agenda, no doubt - but IMO his handling of Scottish affairs has been pretty good, so far and I'm centre-left with small-c conservative leanings.
  10. a) who wants to "escape" to Dundee FFS!!
    b) Fifers - as tight as a Kite

    I like Salmond he appears professional and yes, has an answer for everything - he's a politician FFS.

    He's a much better ambassador for Scotland than Broon or yon Fettes educated Bliar. And separatism will always be part of his agenda, we know that, but he is very convincing.

    He gets my vote everytime lads.
  11. Fcking Salmond.

    If I had my way gents i would send a British Army Regiment of English stock into Scotland, have him arrested in his 'thought pod' in the Scottish 'Parliament' and dragged back down to London on a St Andrew cross. Then would proceed to hang draw and quarter him at Tyburn before placing his treasonable jock head on a spike in Berwick-upon-Tweed as a warning to other colonial upstarts.

    What an arrse.
  12. Yup, he's bloody smart for a Scotsman :) , but needs a spindoctor to help him release cracking puns like these on any weekday other than a Sunday.
    I'm sure it'll be all over Current Affairs tomorrow.

    'Sub-prime minister'

  13. Alaarm Mate
    You wouldn't need "a British Army Regiment of English stock". There are more than enough of us from North of the border who would consider it a pleasure.....
  14. Well, so far, there's you...and....erm..
  15. As long as you kept out of it Biscuits, I think we'd be OK..........