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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by twothreeuptwothreedown, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. I don't think much about ANY politician, but Alex Salmond's speech at the SNP Conference, having a little dig at George Osborne was funny!
    3.11pm: Alex Salmond is speaking now.

    He begins with a joke about George Osborne. He was on a train yesterday, he says. The audience start to laugh. "In a first class carriage with a second class ticket." The audience laugh even louder.

    Anyway one of these plebs came up to me impudently doing his job and I
    just said to him.

    "Don't you know who I am my man? I'm the Chancellor of the Exchequer"
    and he said "sure – and I'm the Czar of all the Russias! Get off this train."

    Salmond says there is a serious point here.

    Why on earth do we allow this bunch of incompetent Lord Snooties to be in positions of authority over our country?
  2. It's traditional.
  3. When everyone knows Wee Alex wants complete authority particularly over the food and entertainment budget.
  4. So it`s nothing to do with us being a bunch of spineless lickspittles, then?
  5. I dont fucking trust 'El Presidente Alex'. Jokes or not. Give us independence and in 2 years Scotland will be just like Russia. With Comrad Alexie as life president.

    Wouldnt trust him with the steam off my shit
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  6. I wouldn't either - he is, after all, a politician which is basically someone too lazy and cowardly to be a mugger. It's why I currently have no intention of voting SNP after independence.

    Up to that point, they're the best of a poor lot by a country mile and the only significant partywith independence in their manifesto so get my vote regardles of any other consideration. You don't avoid chemo just because the side-effects might not be pleasant.
  7. We get the Government we deserve, they were voted in like it or not.
  8. And that may go some way to clearing up an issue for the more narrow minded amongst us. The SNP may be the party who secure independence for Scotland, but that doesn't mean that they will be the only party thereafter. The Labour Party nd the Conservatives in Scotland won't suddenly vanish into thin air on independence day. I would wager that they have all sat aroud their respective tables making plans for their futures in an independent Scotland, so for all the 'El Presidente' folks out there and those who appear to believe that Scotland will become a dictatorship overnight, think on. Your narrow minedness lets you down and highlights your complete lacl of understanding on the whole issue. You need to be looking further down the road. I'd put money on the SNP being voted out at the earliest opportunity after independence and Labour making a return. Scotland has a long history with Labour, longer than it has with the SNP. I won't mention the Tories, as it is hardly worth it, but the Liberals have a large follwoing in the Highlands and Islands and they may end up being the party of the future for Scotland.
  9. There is a fair amount of hypothesising going on, given that most opinion polls have only a third of Scots in favour of independence. I know opinion polls and all that..
  10. I think his speech says more about him than anything else.
    There's an "Animal Farm" difference between the "Lord Snooties" Mr Salmond has only contempt for and attempts to ridicule, and a middle class pseudo socialist "working man" who hasn't done a hands turn for decades and was once, IIRC, drawing two parliamentary salaries(?)
    Mr S. should consider that perhaps, to many of those he represents, he is one of those "Snooties".
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  11. You forgot about the amount of non-Scottish posters here, who all claim to have a Scottish 'mate' who told them that he'd leave Scotland if it ever became independent. They haven't as yet told us where he said that he was going to live after he left. By all accounts (albeit usually the accounts of the same posters), no Jocks will be allowed into England on account of being 'foreign' and as they have decided on that Scotland will be denied EU membership, they'll not be allowed to live there either.

    Looks like Nigeria may just about to inherit some ginger, pasty skinned people. I dread to think what their first generation will look and sound like. Can you imagine the scam..

    "Dear Mr McLeod,

    Ah um the waf of dee late General Jamsie Mutubu who wiz gubbed during dee peepilz revolushun. Before he copped his whack, he told me day he had left hunnerz and thoozanz of pounds in ra Bank, honest. Now, big man, if you sent me all ya bank detailz, ah'll slip u a wee back hander, nae questions asked, ken what I mean?..."

    I know, ARRSE opinions and all that...
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  12. Delicious irony: CMD is "passionately" dedicated to the preservation of the Union, yet if Scotland gains independence, the 50-something Labour MPs are no more in the palace of St James and the Tories have an absolute majority. One might almost suggest that CMD's public declarations are (yet) another example of the disengenuousness of the political classes.
  13. Just look at what the "Liberals" have tried to do in the coilition.....If the future of an independant Scotland is is based on Liberal leadership then Scotland has no future.
  14. Like John Prescott, he is trying to convince the lower class of voter that "he is one of them" but really when push comes to shove, Salmond will be drinking Champagne Cocktails whilst the rest drink Buckie!!
  15. If this imbecilic, porcine, waste of oxygen was to ever become El Presidente of Scotland, the failed banker that he is, would soon be presiding over a country that was little more than an outsourcing centre, competing with India for call centres!
    He really wanted the federal option, but isn't going to get it.
    Look forward to the bastard child and his minions getting totally rejected at the referendum, humiliated and annihilated in the next polls. As well as his Tracey family look a like deputy Sturgeon. The man is a complete ARRSE and I wouldn't trust him to get the alphabet in order!