Alex Salmond speaks for Scottish sqaddies!?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BobMugabe, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. First Minister Alex Salmond has been condemned by the UK Defence Secretary for suggesting Scots squaddies did not support the war in Iraq.

    Des Browne called the claim "nonsense", and Labour peer Lord Foulkes and the Tories joined in the criticism.

    The row followed comments by Mr Salmond on BBC Reporting Scotland in which the First Minster said: "Don't believe that the views of Scots squaddies are any different to the views of the Scottish population."

    Not in my name!!!!!!!
  2. What are their views? That Alex Salmond is a throbber? I reckon everyone agrees with that.
  3. I don't think Salmond speaks for Scottish squaddies but equally neither do Browne or Foulkes. I suspect Scottish squaddies are like other squaddies or indeed the rest of the population - some support it some don't. I always am suspicious of anyone who claims to speak for an entire group of people
  4. Did he ask for a new Scottish Bn in the next sentence?
  5. No just more expenses :lol:
  6. Actually Eck has promised to re-establish the old Scottish Regiments on independence. Of course we don't know if that's a political promise or a real promise.
  7. A very clever one though.
  8. Is that "independance" as in "stuff the commonwealth games, the grants, the subsidies and the bankruptcy that inevitably looms if we carry on as we are"? or is that "independance" as in "if you want me to STFU, you'll have to make sure I get what I want"?

    Speaking as a Scot through parentage, I'm not sure Salmond can claim to speak for anyone
  9. Speaking as a Scot through birth and residency, I'm sure he speaks for the people who voted for his party in the Holyrood elections. And an increasing number of people who apparently approve of the way he's running things.

    Not me, though, in case you were wondering. I'm kinda neutral about him.
  10. Speaking as someone who lives & works in Scotland I'm fairly sure that AS is very shrewd in what he says. Every statement he makes is geared towards creating the environment within Scotland that will bring about independance from the UK.
  11. Recession's looming, of course...
  12. That's a good idea - where is he going to get the blokes from? or are they going to be manned at 50%? Another brilliant idea.
  13. Am Scottish and an ex squaddie and i:d sooner side with Salmond than that Arse licking ****** Brown any day of the week He is just Blair MK2.gET HIM TO ****!!
  14. You won't find me disagreeing with that sentiment.

    Just my opinion, but from what I have seen the voice of protest in Scotland is still strong, but the economic realities of independance are only just starting to beome apparent and will only become more obvious as time passes. Salmond, in many respects like Ken Livingstone, is a good orator when things are going the way he wants.

    As for Gordon Brown, words fail me
  15. Salmond is talking about independence at the right time because with that other Scots tosser in Downing Street anyone with half a chance would want to leave the UK. As for reforming the Scots Battalions , I don't think so unless he also wants to form a Scots Engrs, Sigs, EME, Int , LC etc, not quite as easy to form an Army as he seems to think.