Alex Salmond joins row over regiments

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nigegilb, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Oh dear, swiss Des "performing" again.

    Alex Salmond joins row over regiments

    By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent
    Last Updated: 2:07am BST 20/09/2007

    Alex Salmond stepped into a row over the loss of centuries of military tradition yesterday after it emerged that historic links between Army recruits and their local battalions are to be lost.

    the new Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Six Scottish infantry regiments merged into one

    The First Minister expressed concern over reports that young soldiers will in future be assigned to battalions that are short of men. He told The Daily Telegraph that clear promises that were made about maintaining regimental identity when Scotland's infantry regiments were merged last year had not been honoured.

    Mr Salmond plans to raise the severing of the so-called Golden Thread of military history with Des Browne, the Defence Secretary.

    His intervention came after it emerged that the new Royal Regiment of Scotland was planning to tackle a shortage of recruits by ending local associations and loyalties to individual infantry units. The new "super-regiment" is already 313 men below strength, with a shortfall of 80 soldiers in the Black Watch battalion and 97 in the Argylls.

  2. And an Independent Scotland will of course be able to defend itself without English taxes to subsidise their profligate spending on methadone and buckfast?
  3. SHOCK - HORROR - We were lied to. It was always going to happen beacuse its the only logical reason for the creation of the "super - regiments"

    "However, an Army spokesman claimed that the concept of the Golden Thread was about the history and traditions of regiments, and not about the areas it recruited from. He also claimed that only eight per cent of 16- to 24-year-olds knew the name of their local battalion."

    Err - don't MoD employ a super-regiments worth of PR types so shouldn't they be getting this message across?

    And Des Browne won't give a t0ss!
  4. So now we know why Des does Defence and Scotland. Makes him the perfect person to sort out this typically ethnic problem.
  5. Wow cad you really do have a chip on your shoulder about absolutely everything dont you.

    I think Salmond is absolutely right to question this, I come from Dundee and my family have served in the Black Watch for generations loosing our identity was bad enough but at least there were some concessions to tradition given but those concessions are being taken away bit by bit and at some point enough has to be enough. I can see how the amalgamations made sense in terms of logistics and organisational strategy so can with a heavy heart conceed that change happens and you have to accept it always will, but this nibbling away at tradition and history just seems petty and unecessary to me.
  6. Salmond should amend his party's defence policy...then he can take the moral highground on defence matters. In an independant SNP run Scotland there would be no regimental heritage because there would be no regiments. Salmond is anti-forces through and through.
  7. Equally an independant Scotland wil be able to afford all this an more when we stop having to pay for the biggest subsidy junkies of all, Londoners and their profligate spending on Red Ken and the Olympics.
  8. ...and we're off!!!
  9. Frankly Salmond can shove it , he is too late and insignificant to effect the issue. Sounds like a sound bite.
  10. I have 3 chips on my shoulder called the Barnett formula, The West Lothian question and the lack of an English Parliament. As a matter of fact, I feel the treatment of the Scottish Regiments is nothing less than a disgrace as of course is the treatment of the English Regiments, the point is, it is your fellow countrymen who have betrayed you in the shape of Brown, Brown, Reid, Darling, Alexander etc etc etc.

    At least the Scottish electorate have the option of removing these corrupt incompetents via the ballot box, we unfortunate English who merely bankroll their follies have no such luxury.
  11. Your three chips are yours to get rid of, all can be reslved by England electing suitable MPs to change things, and as for moaning about certain Scots MPs if you lot south of the border had not elected so many labour MPs it wouldn't be a problem, so stop moaning at us and go and sort out your own problems, and by the way what about cutting the ammount of our money wasted on those Londoners who get more money spent on them per head than any of the celtic fringe mob.
  12. You could always vote their party out of power in Westminster, leaving them impotent. You know, that place which gives them their power, where an overall majority of MPs represent English constituencies? Ringing any bells?

    Or are you trying to suggest that 5 million Scots can impose their will on 50-odd million English via the ballot box? If Scottish votes count for so many times more than English ones, how do you explain 18 years of Conservative government with only a slack handful of Scottish Tory MPs?
  13. Goodie goodie goodie, fun isn't it.
  14. I wouldn't stand for that if Iwas you Cad!
  15. How dare you sir :twisted: :D