Alex Mitchell

Discussion in 'RLC' started by achillies549, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi all

    Trying to find a friend from training and units there after!

    Alex and I joined up together in sep 80 (Brunie Plt - App coll), I know he was comissioned but I lost touch with him when I left NI in 1997.

    Would love to know if he is still serving and an address/PM/email etc.


  2. please think about what your asking,

    opsec, im sure he would love his name and the fact he was in NI put all over the net.
  3. I think most soldiers served in NI at some point. So i don't think your point holds water. But thanks and I will remember to be more careful.
  4. Well since you lost touch with him you dont KNOW what else he does so think It does hold water ! So Terry if you I feel that way post YOUR entire name on the forum.
  5. Your location. Broughton near Chester?
  6. I'm only trying to find an old friend, not trying to have an argument over opsec or why I lost touch in the first place, if you can't help then please just don't post!! I already said I'd be more careful. What more do you want, it written in blood???
  7. I'm only asking if it's the Broughton near Chester mate, don't throw a strop! Nowt to do with Opsec and all that.
  8. You may have more success on RAOC online, just use google.
  9. Been there a couple of months ago, been a member for a while and had a few leads but no luck. Hoping I have better luck here. But thanks for the info.
  10. Check Your PM