Alerts seem too high.

Does it roll over back to zero or just stick at 99?
@Bad CO
I thought I’d reply to get you a little closer to your target. Although it may have changed since the last site upgrade it used to be the case that on receiving 100 notifications an anonymous site member would phone you at 3am to sing you a Donny Osmond song. A welcome prize indeed, especially from such an accomplished singist.
100... 101...102
The Pointlessness Fairy arrives and bludgeons you with his Dullardry stick.

Why do I feel inadequate?
Does it roll over back to zero or just stick at 99?
@Bad CO

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I was in two minds to comment on this because I felt that you weren't really paying attention but seeing as it's the first cup of tea of the day and I'm just relaxing before starting my day proper, I took the time to write this.

It undoubtedly won't get read by you though.....


I came back from the pub one evening to find that @harrythebastard @Oddbod and @bluffio-bluffington had 'awarded' me 130 SABs in 2 hours a while back.

Quite why some sado would spend a Friday evening doing that is beyond me


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They just tick over. Mine are usually from @Oddbod. Thus far, I've found out that the fat lad gets stiff about firearms, kids and Trump.

I'm sure there's more in his repertoire.