I was listerning to a radio programme this morning.

They were talking about the media causing people to become worried about getting blown up. They were saying that this kind of media that gives attention to the possible risk every day, is helping the terrorists do their job, but surely by them talking about the media talking about the terrorists they are doing the same thing?

So, how can we spread the word with out getting everone worried sick about being blown up, when ever they leave their homes?

I'm personnally not bothered about it. If you are going to die you will. It comes to us all at some point. It is upsetting for the folk left behind but what differance does in make to the dead person?

Sorry if I come across as a cnut it is just my opinion on the hole thing.
Might I suggest getting HMSO to write a small, scary booklet to be distributed throughout the UK?

Or does that only happen in election years? :D
I agree. There's a difference between being generally aware & making informed decisions and going all out for panic & drama. I have always been convinced that I'm going to have a very un-sexy death and be taken out by a big red bus, but that was before the bombings... :D
Watch "Bowling for Columbine" by Mike Moore.

The power of suggestion that the media has is phenominal. We do not want to panic the citizens but we do need to ensure everyone knows what to do and look for. What about breifings in the community, and to kids, a lesson on what to do in the event of a bomb alert carried out by someone who is trained/briefed, etc, ie not just their teacher could do wonders.

Likewise sensible breifings in office blocks etc. But obviously by people who are competent.

Not by for example

Frankly, anyone who panics because of what they read in the newspapers or see on tv is beyond help.
Unless/until the terrs. get their hands on real(Tony, please take note)WMD's the chance of being killed in a terrorist incident is less than being hit by a car or stabbed by some junkie/chav etc. And while I try to keep myself safe, I'm not going to lose sleep over what might happen. Life is too short.
Unfortunately, there's no news like bad news, which is why the media will keep terrifying the poor sheep.
I have to say I agree with Countdokku to a point, if someone allows all they read/hear in the media to seriously affect them then surely that need someone to hand them that large pinch of salt!
But, like Chocolate Frog I think it would be a good plan to have some sort of educational programme akin to Fire Drills etc etc so that should it happen again people are aware of what to do and how to do it.
Not some OTT dramatic, scare the bejeesus out of people, threat of what will happen to you but a no-nonsense informative informal talk/briefing from someone in the know. Might it be a good liaision activity in schools/officers etc to have some local TA bods to conduct something this???

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