Alec Webster. The gift that just will not stop giving!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by THESUNJOCK, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. Alec Webster. Con artist who once tried his hand as PTSD charity man Who takes 90 pills a day to get by and who has panic attacks so is on High rate mobility and Middle rate disability due to a bad back from a Crash!

    He's is at it again the little tyke! Conning folk on his next escapade, complete with his criminal partner in crime fat wife (still on probation for benefit fraud) with Ginger Mongo as security and the Hippo Wilma as dogs body, what ever next. Who fancys an ARRSE party at DAPS.

    The Next con

    The Staff

    MOBILE: 07968 638980
  2. His he going to jump out the cupboard dressed as Egor? Not that the cunt will need a mask since his downs like face is like a baboons arse which has been pulled inside out. Take it hes popped smoke to Kent a bit of a hike from Croydon unless the DHSS are after him and hes done a bunk.
  3. Notice no names mentioned, Must have sonthing to hide he must know by now you cant hide from ARRSE :)
    oh deep joy
  4. No sign of Dinger? Drat. I kinda liked that fuckwit.
  5. Oh dear, he just can't stop.
  6. Ah Alec, didn't want to speal to me at War and Peace show. Spotted him walking by the PRA stand whilst chatting to the lads from the Oxford Branch. Seems he was in demand that day and decided to leave early too.
    Now I wonder if he's networking with another chap of interest in Kent.

    SJ, you're gonna love this other one, he's a work in progress at the moment.

  7. Still daresay the curse will strike him down again Wonder what mentioning Alec Webster liar con man fraudster downs and D.A.P.S dart arts paranormal society will google now start to throw up.

    Any hoo's why do you need security at these type of events your normally shitting it and trying to get out the fucking place!
  8. Looks like Dinger minus the 'tash
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  9. Nice.....................Tick tock.
  10. Oh dear Alec the WaltenKommando dream team are onto you again
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  11. Wen ar yu gona learn sum inglish you dull cunts.Dark Arts Paranormal Society was set up by a group of paranormal investigators and mediums who are dedicated to getting the best out of every location. We understand that people would like to go on an investigation but maybe think that the price is wrong. We at Dark Arts Paranormal Society aim to give you a great night with lots of thrills at a cheap price so all, can afford to come out and meet the team have the thrills of an investigation as well as learn more about the paranormal, use equipment and most of all have a good laugh.*We at DAPS also do private and corporate events so if you fancy something different for a christmas party give us a call.*Those who believe in spiritual healing we can revitalise you by either native american healing using white sage and red indian music to meditate or spiritual healing by use of crystals
  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    There is no way his missus is a Medium, FFS she must be a XXXL at least.
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  13. Good one HHH that gave me a much needed laugh today
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  14. Oh please do tell