Alec Webster....Job done!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by THESUNJOCK, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. Gladys, Lents and MDN. For those aware and those who just do not care, the latest Walt to step into those hallowed pages of Arrsepidia waltophile history and has just arrived. Having read through endless pages and not wanting another James Shortt saga to take over our Easter. I give you Alec Webster. Those who know more, fill your boots just keep to the facts please. Job done.:)
    Alec Webster - ARRSEpedia

    PS if anyone knows who his barber is, pims me....:)
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  2. Good work Sir.
  3. The guy on the left of the picture was bragging to be Dinger from B20 :) Walts mixing with Walts!
  4. I don't think he has a barber, he does that fringe himself with a square set, a spirit level and some left handed scissors.
  5. Has anyone found out how much, if anything, he raised for his good cause, and what happened to it?
  6. Anyone know how his mucker Lurch is getting on? That cunt could seriously scare children.
  7. I went to school with Alec Webster and can confirm the closest he got to the desert was on school trips to the Beach when Gulf War 1 was on!! We were both 15 at the time and whilst I joined up as a Junior Leader in 91, I am not sure that he did.
  8. What the fuck is the score with the bloke on the right? He is adopting the same 'high port' style posturing that most hobbyists display whenever a camera appears.

    His hangdog looks, chad tatts and SAS lid are deserving of a thread of their own.
  9. Webster was stuck to him like glue during last years War and Peace Show. Dinger, SAS chap of 'Bravo Two Zero' fame | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Dinger, SAS chap of 'Bravo Two Zero' fame

    He served in Gulf War 1st half, with the likes of Andy McNab and Chris Ryan, he was with McNabs when they were captured and severely tortured by the Iraqis.

    Extremely humble top chap, he was there lending his name to a post traumatic stress charity.
  10. He doesn't look anything like the photos in the book, even without the black nasty. Are you sure he's the real deal? There must be more than one bloke called 'Dinger' around, feck me I've met hundreds..................
  11. mong......
  12. Its not him. Just another Walter who Webster used to validate his own walting. Could be his barber!
  13. Looks like he's trying to smuggle a wok out of the showground!
  14. What a hampton!

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