Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by msr, Dec 10, 2003.

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  1. Great store, great prices

  2. Only shop there at the end of the month

  3. Cheap and nasty

  4. Full of alcoholics/soap dodgers/dole scroungers

  1. msr

    msr LE

    What do arrse readers think of Aldi
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The missus will only shop in M&S and Waitrose! maybe it's the discount!
  3. the alcohol ain't bad!
  4. Aldi, what a load of cheap shyte they sell, ahhhh, I rememner as a pad brat wearing Aldidas trainers :(
  5. Their computer price packages are excellent compared to the big brand names. They have a current model selling for £799. The big brands, for that spec, are around a grand. Other then that, all the rest of their stuff is shiite, apart from the cheap beer. I'll keep to Lidl, thank you.
  6. Isn't Aldi Scandinavian for welfare? or is that Netto.

    They are all the same, cheap shite scandinavian crap, Aldi, Ikea, Lidl and Netto. Ideal if you only have £4.10 to feed a family of nine and a pet walrus for a week, useless if you like food and furniture that isn't made out of cardboard and budgie sick.

    The only thing any of them has going for them is Lidl, they sell awesome GLuwhein, but you have to buy it in 24 bottle cases or you have to wrestle past the poor everytime you visit.
  7. I lived on Lidl food for a few dark months whilst on the dole. 17p for a sliced loaf (which, actual, tasted delicious, a 'just baked' taste). The fruit and vegetables have no real taste, and the meat in the frozen products is that reconstituted shiite (what's left on the bone, removed by being placed in what looks like a large spin dryer, spun and separated). They do nice biscuits as well, but for a treat, I'd buy a pack of bratties, French fries and a tub of curry power and make currywurst mit pommes und mayo, washed down with a 14p can of lager.
  8. Its a constant party at Gunnies house :D :D

    Although I shall be calling in later for some decent mayo and some Bratwurst.
  9. Whilst at Uni I would shop at Aldi for the bulk foods (carbs mainly), and tins, then go to ASDA for the slightly more tasty ingredients. I was always amazed that Aldi was about 50% cheaper even than ASDA.

    Now that I'm not a student I'm almost scared to go in Aldi! :oops:

    ASDA will always be a favourite, but all those Jamie Oliver adds have subliminally persuaded me to go for the high price of Sainsbury’s.

    Never thought I'd be talking about shopping on Arrse! 8O
  10. I made myself brattie and chips last week, as my local Safeway had them in stock. Just don't taste the same without a gallon of german beer down one's gob. And it's always a party at my gaff Mighty, I think...........

  11. LOLOLOLOL bet they only stock them for Saabs though.

    What a bizarre thing to live on at University, do you marinade it in a rich fan belt and vimto sauce prior to cooking :D
  12. Yeah Yeah. You funny guys :wink:

    Told you I never thought I'd be talking about shopping on Arrse.
  13. GH?????????
    I made myself brattie and chips last week
    You did what?
    What is Brattie?

    Aldi, great for feeding the hungry teenager and all his hungry mates!
  14. Go away civvie. You haven't lived.