Aldi Heart Rate Monitor - GBP12.99

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Scabster_Mooch, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Tomorrow Aldi is having a special on several products, one of which is a HRM for GBP12.99.

    According to runners' world, it is a good piece of kit.

    Though I am not one of Aldi's regular customers, I will be making an exception tomorrow. :oops:

  2. Chrome dumbells look quite the buy :)
  3. Gym ball in pink
  4. Aldi have had some excellent kit for sale in the past - I have got a superb soft shell running jacket for £15, and lots of other goodies from them. My only advice, get there early because there tends to be alot of people with the same thing in mind as you. (When I got my computer I was there an hour b4 opening, and only just got one!)
  5. I agree mate :p
  6. Sent the Mrs on a mission to get one of these as she's not working today...

    got an abusive message saying that she'd been, they didn't know what she was talking about and she'd been made to look a pillock...

    Pity she went to Asda, really.
  7. I'm going to stock up on handcream, a steal at £1.79.
  8. WTF are "functional sports socks"? :?

    Might have to take a look in my local one when I am next down that way.
  9. It's the model down from the "Functional Love Sock" ;)
  10. I'll put my hands up to jumping on the pikey band wagon and parting with GBP 12.99 in exchange for the Aldi HRM, I opted for the black and orange model, although now out of the box i'd describe it as slightly ginger!! :D

    Its got the basic functions on, will be giving it a run out later.

    I use a Polar S625X with a footpod which is an awesome bit of kit...........until it breaks, sent it back under warranty beginning of December and still being fobbed off :x
  11. I also went pikey and went for one, I bought a training top for £4.99 too, quite natty.
    I went for a run and then to the gym after setting it up. First impressions are that it is quite good and there is nothing I could moan about. The set up was easy, the chest stap stayed put throughout and had no problem with pick-up. The display is clear. If you are into calorie counting etc I checked it against what one of the machines reckoned in the gym and they pretty much tallied (I put little faith in them personally).
    It carries the Baynet's seal of approval (mainly because it is cheap).
  12. I also went pikey and bought one but now I'll have to be even more pikey and take it back....the dam chest belt is too big, lol yes i did tighten to the smallest size, but it just falls down.

    So if your a petite lass don't bother buying it :(
  13. LOL I have no problem regarding them :wink: did think about putting the belt across to keep it up but it wasn't comfortable :D
  14. You could have used a couple of door wedges to tighten things up and hold it in place.....
  15. LOL I'll keep you in mind :wink: I'm off to be a pikey and take the monitor back cya's