Aldi do night vision pt2!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Speedy, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. Well, one year on from last years promotion they are doing it again!

    On Thursday the 1st Oct to be precise. It looks to be the same model they did last year (which I got) which is a passive 1st gen device with an IR torch built in that you can switch on when doing non mil stuff (in which case you'd stand out a mile!). The device has pretty good image quality is rubberised, takes 2xAAA batteries and well worth the £99 asking price.
  2. I forgot to add that the IR is hellishly good and the beam illuminates for at least 40 meters out. Great for outdoorsy stuff.
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Seconded, I got one last year and they are pretty good. 1st gen (I dont know how the gen differs!) is good enough for recces etc.

    Decent bit of kit
  4. Got mine today following the recommendation and I'm very impressed with it.
  5. anyone fancy taking a photo through it t show the quality?
  6. Where do you think your CWS was bought?
  7. The generation refers to the technology of the IR tube in the kit. 1st Gen is pretty basic but still does a good job, some military kit still uses gen 1 tubes. Gen 2 and 3 tubes are a lot better and smaller but are more expensive as the number of parts are greater and the material used is a compound to pick up light rays from all areas of the visible light spectrum.

    Thats my geek time over for the night.
  8. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Thanks for that Gingerslime. Geektime can be good time.
  9. Glad to know that my 3 months doing level 3 optical repair course wasn't that much of a waste of time. I could have gone into more detail but would have eventually lost myself. The Gen 2 and 3 Tubes are really expensive, ie the tube in the CWS costs about £800 to replace, the one in a drivers periscope on CVR(T) Chally etc costs about £1200. I've had to order a few in the last couple of weeks for units that look as if they have taken kit apart for a look but any exposure to light for even about 4-5 seconds can detroy the tube, hence the rubber parallax cover for day use on CWS and the iris shutter on drivers periscope, otherwise bye bye tube.
  10. Oops.
  11. so are we talking IWS/ 432 dvr sight level? I know its not going to be HMNVS level, but would like an idea, might get one for spotting pigs at night (boar, not ugly women)
  12. From the look and sound of it its going to be like the early night vision equipment like you would have had attached to chieftan, ie IR spotlight and viewing equipment. 3x Mag and 40m beam range will give you reasonable viewing for wildlife. The advantage of this over CWS etc is it provides it own light and doesn't rely on ambient light. so you could use this in a deep dark cave and still see brilliantly.
  13. hmm, or stick an IR filter on a surefire or similar?
    I presume that this would work?
  14. Yeah an IR filter on any light source/torch could be used alongside this kind of kit as the II tube picks up any IR light.
  15. machine mart sell similar pieces of kit for £150 so bit of a bargin if you can get one.
    if you want night vison gear that is.
    not really on my normal shopping list :D