Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. I've just recently moved to Aldershot because thats where the best deal was. My first MQ was here many moons ago and enjoyed it (even though I was on a course in Catterick for most of it) because we were both young and single. But now I'm a knackered old warrior, and a civvy, I look on Aldershot from a different perspective. I don't mean this as a slight on the fine upstanding fellows of 5AB/16AA but the town is sooooo much better off without them here anymore. They are good guys and I enjoyed their company on Telic 1, but you wouldn't want to live near them would you.
  2. I was stationed there and had MQ's in the Shot in the 70/80's..I had a great time..fantastic place..i was back recently and its now a ghost Tony' squaddies... sad...
  3. As a stinking civvy, I like it that way !
  4. Well why move to the Home of the British Army?
  5. Your first Married Quarter was enjoyable because you were both young and single?

  6. You know what I mean, singlyness is a state of mind my friend. And probably led to my divorce 3 1/2 yrs later ! I moved to the Shot because there was a cracking deal on a house there, (the builders were building to someone elses plans and I got it 30k cheaper because they mispriced it!) it was within commuting distance of London and I knew the place. It's good in that now, as a singly (again) I can do WTF I want. Chelsea reserves play at Aldershot Towns ground every other monday, admission only a fiver too. Get into town for gigs and games, 40 mins to Waterloo. Aldershot is really well located, and has some top Ruby houses to boot!
  7. I don't envy you some of your new neighbours though, Tesco's in the Shot is the biggest collection of mongs and chavs I have ever seen! 8O 8O

    It would be a fairly nice place with a population refresh!! :lol: :lol:
  8. Good point. well made! I do also have to admit to living a little too close to Denmark Square! (hang on I was too close in fcuking JHQ!) I do tend to shop at Sainsbury's in Farnham, but Tesco's is always good for a laugh.

  9. Got to disagree with you there, I spent over 10yr in Aldershot & settled as a civvy in Farnborough. Now that 5AB etc have moved on to Collie, the place is dead, no character. The Paras et al made this their home, they were here that long they became part of the community, they either married or impregnated half of the female pop.

    But now with the constant rotation of this & that infantry Bat they don’t feel the need to contribute to the town, hence over of half of it being shut down & the other half being full of discount shops, a mere shadow of its former self.
  10. Thats not what your missus thinks :oops: , Did she get many chrimbo cards from Coli?
  11. Ask the shopkeepers and landlords who they'd rather have. When the pie and mash units moved in the place went to the dogs. Litter, graffitti, petty crime on the pads estates, and more drunken trouble in town.
  12. I have just come from the shot. What a toilet.
    Cant think of anywhere I have seen in the world with a thicker layer of grease on it. the place reminds me of the toilets in a well used gaurdroom.
  13. If you look really carefully you will see that most towns in England are pretty much the same. Aldershot is ann average town with average facilities. It has the advantage over a good few towns in that its well located.
  14. The one good thing about the shot is all the training area's that you have on your doorstep, great places for walking, running and mountain biking etc.
  15. most towns in england? sorry buddy, dont agree there. well situated yes, but far below average. In need of an urgent overhaul and rejuvenation programme. maybe install some kind of wipe clean flooring in the bars and of course cheeks!.