Aldershot Sign up Dalai Lama

Maybe they could sign up the Pope next? I understand he's left footed.
Ian paisley could do the oranges at half time.
Double Tish Boom!!
I do wonder though what this senior statesman is going to make of Aldershot? Maybe, I should invite him to the Traf for a whisky!
Well he should feel quite at home if the "Gurkhas over run Aldershot" threads are true.
'Dalai' is actually a Mongol word. Maybe 'Shot FC thought they'd found a new fan?

If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
can he also kick lumley in the clack really fucking hard.......
Odd one that......I was under the impression that most Nepalese were Hindu....!
Yes, but Aldershot is Gurung & Magar territory. They are predominately Buddists.

Hence the big Nepalese plot in the cemetery. Those big fires in the gardens are only barbeques and rubbish burning (I'm led to believe!)

I can understand him going to Aldershot but he's also playing Dundee, Edinburgh and Inverness - I didn't know Scotland had that many Buddists.
can he also kick lumley in the clack really fucking hard.......
I'm guessing you haven't met Lumley's replacement yet :)

Bobbie Wason is a self-styled 'Human Rights Advocate' who organised the large Gurkha Rights Demo at Whitehall last Tuesday (24th). 'What large demo was that?', I hear folk ask- The media pretty well ignored it but it got a mention on ITV and BFBS.

She recently founded the 'charity' or pressure group 'Enough is Enough', one of the major aims of which is to support the Gurkha agiprop. Although I've not heard of her before, I would expect those living in Hounslow will have done, she has a bit of history. She states that Joanna left the job half done and she wants to complete it.

She appears to be East African Asian- she's definitely not Nepalese.

Her aims, as stated are three-fold.

(1) To grant British citizenship to all Gurkhas who are entitled to settle in UK.

(2) To make Apr 24th, Gurkha Remembrance Day ("The British have their poppy day")

(3) To get all over-18 dependents of Gurkhas to be allowed to settle here.

Here she is explaining her cause- skip to 21:45 where she talks about the rally, the first 20 mins are all about her and highly missable.


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