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For anyone who attended whether TA or Reg, Stab or Arab, some pics from the event here

local paper:


Thousands enjoy the Army Show

7/ 7/2008

Crowds came out in force over the weekend for this year’s Aldershot Army Show.

The two-day event gave around 35,000 people a chance to watch the finest of the British Army performing spectacular feats and meeting with the public at the Queen’s Parade playing fields.

This year’s event included a particular celebration of the centenary of the Territorial Army, the reserve element of the Army staffed by troops who have other jobs and soldier in their spare time.

While the Territorials have traditionally only been called up during times of war, their importance has become more apparent with the Army currently fighting on two fronts, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army top brass said Territorial Army soldiers have fought with distinction alongside their regular colleagues in both theatres of war.

Speaking to dignitaries at Saturday’s event, Major General Peter Everson paid tribute to the support offered to the military from the civilian community.

“For our soldiers to perform effectively overseas, they have to be supported here at home,” he said.

The show included a precise display of horsemanship by the Household Cavalry, set to musical themes, a battle scenario showing the tactics used by the Logistics Corps to deal with an insurgent roadside bomb attack, and impressive parachute drops by the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment freefall parachute display team.

Wowing the crowds as always were the motorcycle display team of the Royal Artillery, the Flying Gunners, who jumped cars and performed 90mph crosses and stunts on bikes and quads.

As well as getting the best of the weather, Saturday’s crowd benefited from a show-ending parade by reservists from 7 Rifles of the Territorial Army, with commander-in-chief of the Army, General Sir David Richards, taking the salute from the company’s commanding officer Lt Col Damien Griffin
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The STAB parade actually wasn't too shabby at all (note pic 21, we're all still in step!). That's actually more of a feat than it sounds. We'd been thrown together at silly o'clock that morning, told we'd have to to a bit a of drill. Then told it would be heavy drill, despite us being Riflemen! Then set about practicing under the tuition of a Guards WO (who in fairness, was gentle with us), but with the fine points being changed with each practice. Didn't help that CO felt marching to tune of his own bugler either.

Still it all came together in the end! The whole day was nice and even the sun came out to play in the end. The horse-love going on in pic 15 is a bit disturbing though.
The parade itself was good - there was slight concern after seeing the rehearsal in the morning that it was going to be emotional but in the end it was a proud moment for the TA.

Heartfelt thanks must go out to 101 RLC, who during their demonstration of a Combat Logistic Patrol managed to smoke off the assembled great and good in the VIP enclosure with some accuracy - twice.
For us it was a complete waste of time. 20 blokes turned up to man a stand. We were told that vehicles would be suplied, so no need to bring our own. Nothing turned up apart from one vehicle that was manned by it's own crew ( who understandably didn't want us near it). Didn't stop the Health and Saftey Nazis demanding a Risk Assessment on a non existant stand though!. So tried to fill the day walking around ooking for something to do. The Boss was livid went he turned up.

Stand of the day must go to 21 SAS. Worlds most obese soldier, uniform in rag order - unironed, boots not polished. What were they thinking, or was it a joke?

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