Aldershot Show

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo9, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. hello is nayone going up for the TA? i have to do section attacks, what is it like up there on this day? any good? watse of time?
  2. well last year it was a naff. but this year for 6 quid i hope it will be alot better.

    I HOPE
  3. I will be going as my unit will be setting up a recruiting stand (a forlorn hope IMO considering every other unit will be there).
  4. There will be alot of re-enactment societies up there aswell. I know this as my Dad is one of them. Even if you don't like history, to see people wandering around in uniforms from the American civil war to napoleanic times makes it more interesting and enjoyable.

    Normally a good day out
  5. Was going up to do a recruitment stand but now we have something on in our home town so doing that instead .
  6. Can't compete with plethora of reg army stands and vehicles, plus paras charging gullible children to have a go on their jump simulator or whatever it is. Best off making for the beer tent.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Will have to plead ignorance, but when is this? wouldnt mind taking the in laws along to show what i actually, actually....
  8. Its the 15/16 july 2006 go to for details. Make sure you book tickets in advance as I spent ages queueing last year.
  9. Jolly good show it was too!
    Which one were you? Which one of the eight? One of the two who failed to tap the next guys to signal moving off?! Or were you one of the two bad guys?
    All good fun - My kid loved it- and even though its 27 years since I've seen an Aldershot Army show and this was just a fraction in size of the events during the 70's it was still a good day out.
    My kid couldn't believe how many very overweight soldiers there were there though.
    Disappointed that the White Helmets weren't there today.
  10. white helmets had to go to York today but the King's Troop are there for both days. Six quid is a lot and for god's sake take a packed lunch. You need a mortgage to buy food on the showground.
  11. My ticket was £4 bought online and posted to me. My kid got in free. £4 for a whole day out for us both- you can't beat that for value surely!
    £1.00 for a cup of coffee and a scone served with butter, jam and a smile- can't be bad!
    The rest of the food and drink were indeed at inflated prices. Haggled myself a nice new Silva4 compass (worth £25) for just a fiver from one of the traders stalls so that can't be bad.
    Kings Troop were splendid as ever of course.

    Don't take dogs to the show tomorrow people- the dogs people took today were suffering in the heat- there's no shade and it's too much for them.
  12. Well my stand got 6 more potential recruits than I was expecting (ie nil!!). What I did notice though was the distinct lack of deserts worn by recruiters on the Saturday in an army show in the "Home of the of the British Army". However come the Sunday, my stand had blokes in deserts...and it worked!!!! More people flocking to us than on the Saturday.
  13. Shouldn't that read;

    'So I'm a very happy bunny boiler'?

    I thought you had a restraining order that said you weren't allowed within 500 meters of military establishments and personnel?
  14. Were you the one with the shoyt shaped beret?