Aldershot..'Overwhelmed by Nepalese'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. Article in the Aldershot News today by local MP Gerald Howarth:

    Towns 'overwhelmed' by Nepalese, MP claims - News - gethampshire

    Whatever your opionions are I personally think he's got a bit of a point, as much as I welcome the ex Gurkha fraternity more than the Eastern European biffs (see my previous rants for the reasons why!), the towns (Aldershot and Farnborough) are becoming enclaves of Nepal and I do wonder just how many of them actually served in the Forces.
    The older ones who've rocked up post Lumley are fish out of water, the poor old sods have nothing to do all day except wander round town wrapped up in blankets as is the Nepali way.
    I won't go into all the other stuff I've heard about the goings on but I think they need to start residing in other towns in the area and not just here (not including Folkestone and Reading).
    Plus, all their kids think they're living in a Jet Li film and have scraps et every opportunity...mullets flying everywhere!
  2. It's the same in Shorncliffe mucker. Joanna Lumley doesn't know what she's done! I'm all for the tree frogs residing here after serving but they've brought their grandparents, great grandparents, goats and chickens over with them. They're ******* everywhere. Still prefer them to pakis and eastern europeans though.
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  3. I'm amazed,we have a large Nepalese population down here (Ashford,Sandgate,Shorncliffe,Folkestone,Dover,etc),and a nicer bunch of people I've yet to meet.

    In Ashford,we have quite a number of ex-Ghurkas,and their extended families,they bought houses in locations that other local people wouldn't buy,mainly on one of the so called 'problem estates',quietened those down,and they get on with everyone.

    They are visible all over the region,mainly in security jobs,but some have opened their own shops,and restaurants,and are always friendly and polite,wich makes a nice change,if they know you're ex services,they can't do enough for you,so I don't know what the problem is,you want to swap yours for an equal number of Kosovans/Afghans? :)
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  4. Ive heard that they have also turned up in Afghanistan!!! I mean, the sheer brass neck of these people!.....................................
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  5. Nope...what Howarth is saying that there are over 9000 Nepalese in a smallish area and the infra-structure is struggling to cope, you named quite a few big towns there for them to be spread out over.
    Yes, the younger ones have the same jobs here as you state for your place but the post Lumley ones who are of a pensionable age are rocking up (and a fair few are dying not long after getting here) and are lost.
    Don't forget that I'm a SSAFA caseworker and I also see how much money is being spent from Charity funds for them and there's only so much money in the pot.
    If you haven't got the gang trouble yet then you're lucky but it'll happen I can assure you.
  6. Personally I would far rather have a community who have done something for the country (either personally or at least thier immediate family) and havea work-ethic, than a bunch of parasites who want to destroy it while claiming every possible benefit.
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  7. .....Have they got all their relatives with them out there?!!
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  8. Your right. They should be sterilised.
  9. I think you're missing the point here, Howarth isn't saying they're not welcome but that the Council/Schools/NHS is swamped with Nepalese newcomers and that something needs to be done sharpish.
    All you have to do is walk around the Shot and ask anyone local and they'd probably agree with Howarth.
  10. KATHMANDU.jpg

  11. Your probably right. However the genie is out of the bottle, what can you do in the prevailing climate, both financial and social, I would suggest sweet FA.
  12. Ha Ha!! Quality....that sign has sadly long gone and we've got a fancy new yellow one now!
  13. It most certainly thing though from the SSAFA angle, we used the Gurkha Welfare Trust bods who are serving soldiers as our interpreters etc and even they are baffled as to why so many want to come here.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Have you ever been to Nepal?
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  15. Someone should tell them we don't approve of public *******.
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