Aldershot (north camp)

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by sigwife, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Hey people
    Well after a Lot of Speculation about where me and my fella are being posted we have finally been told its definatly Aldershot northcamp. I was just afer abit of info as cant really find much info about in on the MOD website so thought the next best thing would be here. I just want to know what its like basicly. And also just wondered what the other wives are like as the place im at the min they really like to keep them selfs to them self no matter how much i try and interact with them. But have been told not every where is like that so thats it really has anyone been there or are there at the min that can share some info

    Nicola A.K.A Sigwife
  2. Lack of response tell you something?
  3. I remember North Camp as being shite, though, admittedly, that was from a Pads Brats point of view.

    Nuff said really.
  4. 21 miles from windsor
    and a few miles more for slough good for cheap shops and markets
  5. Sigwife, you might do better to post this query on Rear Party (this link will take you to the Mainland UK forum). Come over and sign up!
  6. Ramalies Park.........lived there. Did a google earth serch the other week looks like its been flatened. :(
  7. North Camp is rather remote, there is a reasonable NAAFI there, a large motorcycle shop, a couple of indifferent pubs and a few poor eating establishments. It is a fair walk to Aldershot (but walkable), perhaps Farnborouigh is a little bit closer. There are good bus routes and the motorway isn't far. The place is very "army" and due to be re-sculptered soon. There is also a train station and it is about £10 return with a Forces Railcard into London.
  8. Northcamp isnt the best place in the world but its not the worst either.
    like everything, its what you make of it.
  9. it took time to get a responce but thanks am here now and it seems to be ok